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“The BIG Art & Storytelling Tall Ships Project is charismatic. John Dyer’s new Tall Ships painting, combined with professional storytelling, creates an irresistible hub for creativity to flourish.

Philip Mould OBE. BBC Art Expert Fake or Fortune.

“This is a brilliant, original competition. John Dyer’s picture is bursting with character, life and colour - I can't wait to see what stories it inspires: pictures, stories, poems, anything. I can't wait to get going myself...”
Damian Dibben

“I'm writing the opening scene of a play to inspire ideas in younger writers, passing the creative baton on to them to continue the story forward. ‘Tall Ships & Small Ships 2014’ is such a vibrant and detailed painting, full of hundreds of potential characters and stories, interactions and events, I'm sure the young guys and girls embarking on this writing adventure will have plenty to get their teeth into...”
James Graham

“A colourful explosion of words from this vibrant painted image. Both inspired by John Dyers work and also it's own creative entity. Let's get writing in a free world that is as large as our imagination can possibly be! The fun part is in the creating. Characters, stories, rhyme, the way words sound together. Let's play with words in a way that is as exciting to read and hear as John's painting is to look at. I wrote my first poem age 7 and I've still got it now. Encourage yourself. Value everything you make. The amazing opportunity to write and create is always there. Let's make the most of it!”
Maxwell Golden

“Creativity is not thought it’s allowed. This project will allow and enable children of all ages and abilities to share their creativity. I look forward to welcoming all entries.”
John Frankland

"John Dyer's painting is entirely entrancing, engrossing. It opens up new worlds."
Dea Birkett

“We are so pleased to be working with John Dyer again and we are grateful for his support. His enthusiasm and creative flair have added enormously to the event in previous years and to be able to use his new Tall Ships painting on the front cover of the official programme, the official print and as the inspiration for The Big Art & Storytelling Tall Ships Project is wonderful.”
Sam Groom, Festivals and Events Manager at Visit Cornwall



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