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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

The Tall Ships by Neve Bishop age 14

The waves were calming as they sailed closer. If anyone said they weren’t looking forward to leaving their cramped wooden quarters, they were lying. The feeling of excitement was brewing aboard the ship as the seagulls circled above them.
And there it was, slowly making its way on to the horizon. Although they couldn’t hear it on the ship, people in the harbour were celebrating. Fireworks decorated the night sky. Any news, good or bad, was welcome. The people of Falmouth had gone so long without a peep from the North, finding out the happenings of the country was the best thing since Christmas.
The sailors looked to the sky in awe as the navy blue night exploded into colour. Reds, blues, greens, oranges and yellows fizzled into nothingness over and over again. This was not a simple welcome, it was a party. A party for anyone and everyone to enjoy.
The ships decelerated as the harbour drew closer, the sounds of happiness getting louder and louder. The Tall Ships were bobbing in the open water like excited children waiting for their presents on Christmas morning. The sailors chatted happily, glad to set foot on dry land again.
But they wouldn’t be able to stay for long, for the job of a Tall Ship is never done.



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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