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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘Lou Lou and the Missing Cat’ by Emily Age 8 Years

One day there was a girl named Lou Lou. She was 22, a very nice, sweet girl with blonde hair. She wore a pretty yellow dress with red buttons. Lou Lou worked night and day, all day, every day as an actor. Lou Lou’s travelling theatre company were in Falmouth for the Tall Ships.
It was hard for Lou Lou because she had no family, just a cat named Lilly. Lilly, now she was Lou Lou’s pet cat that she had had since she was 17, so not that long ago.
One evening Lilly decided to explore. She walked out of the travelling theatre and out onto the boats.
The next morning Lou Lou woke to a giant shock! “Lilly’s missing!” shouted Lou Lou. Everyone came rushing because they knew how much Lilly meant to Lou Lou, but they just didn’t know what to do.
Meanwhile Lilly was having a little bit of a shock of her own. She was on one of the tall ships for the celebration. (This cat loves water, just to let you know: It all started when she was younger and still at the pet shop. Now, because Lilly was at the pet shop there were lots of fish, so one day the pet shop owner, Mr Bands, let Lilly out of her cage, so she climbed way up high on the shelves above the fish tanks and she fell in, but she found it really nice! Anyway, back to the story.) Lilly had found herself locked away after the captain had found her on deck. She tried to escape but it was no use.
Back at the theatre they sent out a search party. They all knew what she looked like. Everyone searched high and low but they couldn’t find her anywhere. Suddenly, Lou Lou had a brilliant bright idea. It was a tremendous idea, a fabulous idea, even though she was pretty much out of hope.
Back on the ship Lilly was waiting very impatiently when all of a sudden one of the crew members let Lilly free from her cabin (because the captain, Jack, had told him to). Jack had grown fond of Lilly (she had been missing for four days) and had decided to adopt her.
Lou Lou knew Lilly loved the water so she looked out to sea. Eventually she spotted Lilly on a tall ship. She swam out to sea, jumped onto the tall ship and picked Lilly up. Just then she saw the captain, Jack, and had a good idea. Lou Lou asked the captain if the theatre group could move on to the boat and he said YES!
And now, when the tall ships come, you can see a play on the tall ships.



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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