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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘Falmouth Tall Ships’ by Archie Killen, Age 12 Years

Brightly coloured, the tall ships slowly
drift into the port of falmouth, adding
to the atmosphere of children laughing,
people cheering, the brass band playing.

As dusk turns to dark the clock strikes 12!
Suddenly a carnival of colour exploding,
into the night sky,transforming and bringing
everything to life. A village celebrating.

The sails of the majestic tall ships
bellow through the light breeze going into the quay.
With lots of people hanging
off the silky big sails. Everyone is cheering!



The John Dyer Gallery is strictly by appointment only. Telephone: 0777 339 7503.

Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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