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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

A Firework’s Flight by Alex Graver, Age 10 Years

I was in a shed lonely as could be (the shed was gloomy and dark).Suddenly the door started shaking. BANG! The first fire work went up. He came in. He grabbed me; I was being swung down the path. Soon I was on a metal stand. I was full with excitement. He lay down some string.
Suddenly I heard a scratch. It was fire on the end of a stick. The string was on fire; fire was running down, it was terrifying! Fire struck, it took it’s time, a few minutes later. I was baking hot.
Soon I was whirling in the air. I reached a maximum of height, I looked over Falmouth. The sun sinking down like a submarine. I smelt the salt of fish and chips there was a million tall ships. Flags are waving goodbye. Why is my top on fire? Cats and Dogs jumping. BANG!, BANG!, BANG!,FIZZ!.
I slowly died into the salty air. Dust was all over the Tall ships. The sea was sparkling with delight … However I was delighted too!
Although I wouldn’t be doing it again. I saw beautiful fireworks above me if only I could do it again. The last words I would say before I fell to be part of the sea. Soon I reached the water. The boats were all different colours and shapes. Tall ships and a single lifeboat glided across the shinning sea. Other fireworks were getting ready to set off as another celebration for the Tall ships. I luckily landed on a Tall ships sail. A man walked out of a shop with a massive painting. It was of all the tall ships. It was painted by John Dyer
A gust of wind came and I fell off.



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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