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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Farrah-Jai Burrows, Age 10 Years

I was dumped in a dark, gloomy box, just me, alone. Finally I was shaken to life when the box was picked up. I rattled around, my fuses sparking (I didn’t actually spark, but I got really excited!). Suddenly, daylight struck me like lightning. A pinkish/peachish THING grabbed me. I was yanked out of my comfy, cosy, lonely box into the great, big, bad world.
I was sat on a black stand with fellow fireworks all around me. The sun creeped below the crisp, solid, majestic cliff, leaving Falmouth in awe. Millions of eyes twinkled around me staring into the summer haze. I glanced around and all I could see was darkness folding around me like a blanket of blackness. Humans crowded around me, their faces unidentified. Pressure was pressed against me like a stamp, as another man wandered over to me with a blaze on a stick. Fire.
Just then, I realised what was happening to me. It was my turn. The man was a few steps way from me. He got closer and closer and closer. I smelled the burning smell as the flames let off a cloud of smoke which blew towards me in the breeze. He bent over and his blaze touched my fuse. Here it goes. This was my big moment. What would happen? Would it hurt?
I shot into the sky at the speed of a hawk. I was living the day I was made for. I was the opener. The first firework of the night. I sizzled like a sausage in a frying pan. Then my time came. I let out a large BANG! The audience screamed and cheered and whooped and clapped. Time seemed to pause below me. The sea glared up at me, his waves slowly lapping against the dry shore. Men, women, boys, girls, dogs, cats and birds all stared at me as I lit up the gloomy night sky. Even the moon seemed to wink at me. I was an attraction that the whole wide world seemed to look at. Tall ships floated and bobbed and waves at me as their sails swayed in the gentle breeze.
Then I felt my self falling down, down, down. At that moment, I finally heard the screams of my fans and music screaming through the speakers. I split into a thousand sparks and I hit the ground. My colours left me. It felt like my life left me. Everything went dark. My moment of glory was gone. My final spark of life hit the soft, moist sand. That was the time that I realised my life was over…
I opened my eyes to see stars shining bright directly above me. They twinkled bright as more and more fireworks lit up the night sky. (I felt like a useless waste with all of the bigger, better, brighter fireworks which were now in the beautiful night sky.) On the ground, I saw feet all around me. I was an uncoloured, camouflaged spark on the ground. No-one seemed to see me. Children’s faces sparkled around me, their eyes reflecting the lights.
Suddenly…… everything paused: everything went black and my eyes blocked the lights around me.
Oh no! Were the words that shot into my mind. I heard a thump as feet paced around me. Then one foot stepped on me. Everything went black. Pitch black. Sizzle, bang, wallop. I let out one last, silent shriek. Dawn fell. Dawn was the last thing I saw. Once again, I felt like I was in a dark, gloomy box; just me, alone.



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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