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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Florence Bawden, Age 10 Years

Bumpty, bump I go in pitch black darkness inside a dusty old box that I got chucked into by an old man wearing a plain, white T-shirt with only spots of colour on a tiny pocket. I am a colourful, stripped firework who has no idea where it’s going, this particular firework is a bit angry with that old man who carelessly threw me into a strange, long box with flaps on top. I thought I might be put in that strange box a bit more gently like putting a baby in its tiny but comfy cot when its fast asleep….

I guess not, anyway something is rattling the flaps at the top of the box I keep seeing streaks of light fighting through the flaps. Then excitedly I have a thought, is this the moment when I am going to be released from this prison? The answer is YES, brilliant! I see a young man (I think he is a young man) suddenly big, strong hands crawl towards me. Finally I am released, I am put on a black and silver stand with lots of other colourful fireworks: some spotty, some stripy (like me!) and some just solid colours like a rainbow.

Just then the young man that took me out of that dusty, old box ,which I was imprisoned in, hooks me up to a long thin wire that comes to an abrupt end. I wondered what he was doing…. just then I hear a hissing noise near by, what is that weird noise? Suddenly I see the silver wire is disappearing at the end of it is an orange spark. It comes closer and closer until………POP! I find myself whizzing up into the deep blue, endless sky with lonely, shining, sparkling stars. It’s all very exciting. Just as I feel as I can’t go any higher or faster….BANG!!!!!!!

Wow, what an amazing view up here. I can see big, tall, crowded ships swimming into a great, big harbour on simmering, blue water. I can hear shrieks of laughter and joy from the ground. I can smell feathers and dogs and cat’s fur. I can also see other dazzling fireworks exploding and lighting up the mysterious, dark, moonlight sky with screeching seagulls dancing in cool, invisible night air.
Just then I hear a sizzling sound, it gets louder and louder then I realise that it’s time for me to go and disappear into the midnight sky.



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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