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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘Uncharted Waters’ by Eliza Talman, Aged 12

Have you ever met a pirate? Do you want to? Well I know two, not including their daughter Diana Rose Smith, who live in Cornwall. They have a house on land that is a boat and one in the water that is a boat house. Their boat was the biggest boat in the bay, it had a huge black base with a ten centimeters of gold lined around the edge. Her sails were blue and she had a flag with a grey cloud and two lightning bolts crossing over each other. It now looks ragged and covered in bird poo though.
Diana had a friend Mohham and his father was called Mark. He lived on a boat house called, ‘My Wife Sophie’ because that had been his wife and he had made it for her before she died during childbirth. Mohham never saw his mother.
One day Mohham and his father were sailing away from the island to buy some food. The boat floated away into the sun getting smaller and smaller and smaller. It ended up just being a pin prick in the distance.
“Aww I wish you’d let me go out on my own, and follow alongside that boat.” Complained Diana “You never let me out alone.”
“We’re just paranoid!” Jess (Her mum) replied. “Anyway its already 9 ‘o’clock, go to bed.”
“Fine, night mum, night dad.” Diana said grumpily as she sulked upstairs and into bed.
Fifteen minutes later she was still awake staring at the tall ships as they stood still mirroring into the water that they floated on. Then ‘BRRRR! BRRRRRRR!’. Her phone started to ring. She looked at the screen and it said ‘Mohham Calling.’
“Hey hey hey, enjoying your trip?” She sat up.
“No, no the boats sinking quickly, get out here and help!”
“Oh my God! Yes I’m getting up. Where are you?” She asked, panicking.
“Oh about c27, c28 maybe. Hurry we haven’t got much time!” Diana ended the call and hurried out of the room down the stairs and out of the house. When she was out the cold winds blew against her face like it was hurrying her on. Diana climbed into their little boat and rowed.
Row, row, row, row. Her arms ached and her hands were numb but she carried on. When her satnav said that it was about c26 she slowed down so that she did not run into either of them. It seemed that there was nothing out there until,
“HELP, HELP!” she heard a cry, It sounded like the voice was hoarse like it had been shouting for too long.
“I’m here don’t worry. Just climb in.” she replied trying to sound calm.She rode a little closer and she felt a hand come and pull up its body. It was like a zombie trying to get over but it wasn’t it was Mohham. He was shivering and so Diana gave him an emergency blanket. She saw another hand and pulled up Mike giving him the same treatment.
The group finally heard the sound of water lapping against the shore. It was like a dog that has seen a bone, and looking at its owner pleadingly licking its lips frantically. When they had got to Diana’s house they sat on the floor beside the heaters.
“W..w..w..ere” asked Mohham.
“Upstairs in bed,” whispered Diana “don’t wake them though, I didn’t tell them that I was coming.They don’t know and probably wouldn’t let me.”
“Oh I understand” Mark whispered back.
When they had all warmed up Diana asked
“So, what happened?”
“Well,” started Mark, “we were sailing along, and I heard something splashing in the water so I looked over the edge of our boat thinking that I would see a dolphin or something. I didn’t though I saw a face. Sophie’s face. I reached out to touch it, having not seen my wife in such a long time, and the boat jerked like something was hitting it from beneath. This creature, or whatever it was, kept hitting the boat. Constantly until we saw water coming into the boat from a hole that this thing had made. Bits of our boat fell off everywhere, and Mohham called you leading us here.” At the end Mike seemed exhausted so Diana brought them some of her fathers clothes, a couple of extra blankets and they slept on the sofa.
In the morning Diana went downstairs to check on them, but when she got to the sofa she noticed that they weren’t there. She called and called but no-one replied. Eventually Jill came down and asked what on earth she was on about, so Diana told her the whole story, Including every last detail.
“What are you on about? When was this then?” Jill asked
“Well,” Diana tried to remember when the call was, “About 9:15 I suppose” she answered.
“It can’t have been, I checked on you then, you were fast asleep. My phone even went off and you didn’t stir. Oh no silly, it must have been a dream.”
But was it?



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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