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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘A Voyage Of Discovery’ by Edie Vernol, Age 9 Years

A Voyage Of Discovery
I was in the crow’s nest, spying through my telescope, and then I saw it.
“Land Ho!” I cried to the crew of The Neptune, our tall ship.
“Steer North-West”, I shouted again. In no time, the Neptune was docking. We were docking on a shore of golden sand and towering palm trees. As I stepped off the boat, I could feel the heat of the burning sand through my shoes.

Beyond the sandy beach was an array of mountains, hills and, rainforests. The greenery was luscious and bore fruits of many colours. Our crew journeyed on over the nearby hills, and came across something glorious! There in front of us, was a sparkling lagoon. In the clear lagoon were many, new and tropical fish I had never seen before.

The lagoon reminded me, I was meant to be keeping track of where we were! I looked at my compass and frowned deeply. We would never make it back to the Neptune before dark! We left it too far South. My Admiral was nearest to me, so I nervously told him. This time it was his turn. He raised his voice and announced,
“We will set up camp here, and no questions!”

We woke up to an unusual bird cry, not the usual squawking of a seagull. The bird we were hearing was brightly coloured, and had vibrant eyes…

By Edie Vernol



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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