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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘Where’s Kirsty?’ by Hannah Pratt and Georgia Webster, Age 12 Years

Sean: Hey, Jenna, I think I just saw Kirsty disappear onto that ship. I thought she agreed to stay?

Jenna: She did agree.

Sean: So why was she getting on that ship?

Jenna: (shouting) SHE WASN’T, STUPID!!!

Sean: Come on! We have to stop her. It was her! Trust me.

Jenna: Fine. I guess those people can go without their paper for one day!

(Jenna and Sean rush down towards the harbour and get on the ship.)

Jenna: Sean! You said she would be here.

Sean: I thought she was here!

Jenna: Well then where is she?!

(The ship jolts forward, knocking Jenna and Sean over. Kirsty also falls over but is hiding behind a barrel.)

Kirsty: (unseen from behind a barrel) OW!

Sean: Hey, Kirsty! Told you Jenna!

(Footsteps are heard coming down the stairs.)

Kirsty: Quick, we have to hide!

(A large, unshaven man walks into the room. He is talking on his mobile phone)

Kirsty: (whispering) Shhh! He hasn’t seen us yet!

Man: Ok. Wait a second. (he hangs up, and takes a beer from the fridge.)

Sean: (whispering) What’s he doing?

Jena: (whispering) I dunno.

(The man blows his nose, looks around the room and then leaves.)

Kirsty: That was close, but let’s stay hidden.

Sean: Yeah, a bit too close for my liking!

Jenna: It wasn’t that bad, we didn’t get caught.

Sean: No, I was talking about you Jenna!

Jenna: What about me!

Sean: You were WAY too close for comfort.

Jenna: Umm …….. No I wasn’t!

Kirsty: SOOO! (obviously trying to change the subject.) How are we supposed to get off this ship? You guys weren’t meant to come too.

Sean: Well what were we supposed to do? Stand on the harbour waving goodbye!?

Jenna: We did consider that.

(Two men walk down the stairs obviously arguing.)

Man 1: She’s not down here, you’re hearing things again.

Man 2: (Kirsty’s dad) But I thought I heard Kirsty’s voice.

Man 1: Mike! You chose to leave them, so you need to get over it.

Man 2: Leaving them was the worst mistake I ever made.

(Kirsty and her friends exchange confused looks. Kirsty gets up from the barrel she was hiding behind.)

Kirsty: Dad?



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