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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: acrostic

‘Tall Ships’ by Sofia, Age 8 Years

Tall ships Alone just Lying there so Lonely I can Smell the lushest food ever Here I am watching them in the harbour I am also watching very noisy Pets. They are plucking their whiskers and biting their nails.

‘The Regatta’ by Jacob, Age 8 Years

The people waving their arms Aeroplanes landing on the sea Lost planes with bad pilots Lost kids crying Ships racing in the wind Happy people laughing If you see People jumping off masts Ships sailing away.

‘Tall Ships’ by Luke, Age 8 Years

Tall ships honk honk All the people talk talk Lunch chomp chomp Lovely fireworks in the sky bang bang Ships flags flap flap Horns honk honk I saw the fireworks with my eye People happy watching the display Singing choirs entertain

‘Tall Ships’ by Jay, Age 8 Years

The sound of the most amazing fireworks A giant crown of cheering people Lovely smells of barbecues cooking Like nothing you have ever smelt Super cool sailors standing on sails Happy people all around you Impossible to count everyone Praying it will never end Sailing out of Falmouth.

‘Tall Ship’ by Izzy, Age 8 Years

The sails flap flap All the sailors singing tall ship songs Laughing and cheering Loving the fireworks and seeing the flags Sailors chatting and talking High sails blowing about in the wind I really love it and it is very loud Pretty fireworks exploding Surprise boat horns going off

‘Tall Ships’ by Amelie, Age 8 Years

Tall Ships gather round, A brilliant time it is, Look around the corner a lovely view, Lovely scent of salty sea water, Singing and dancing all around, Hurry! The tall ships are racing, I love it this year – the tall ships are amazing, Please be over soon I’m very tired, Sleep time for me:… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Bella, Age 8 Years

The sailing tall ships come into Falmouth, All the people are amazed, Look around for their might be something to be found, Look up, hoist the sails! Smell pasties, warm in the stove, Hear people laugh and cheer! It’s really amazing that tall ships are here, People play Cornish music, See the dazzling fireworks end… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Daria, Age 8 Years

Telegraphers telegraphing their favourite ships, All the active sailors on massive boats, Ladies wearing glossy make up, Lollipops being licked, Seal fins are clapping like mad, Hurry, hurry you should see this, Imaginative fireworks popping wildly, Particular people chattering deep into the night, Sea rustling you can faintly hear it in the distance but it… Read more »

‘The Wonderful Tall Ships’ by Oliver Age 7 Years

The wonderful tall ships are sailing into Falmouth, All the people are extremely excited, Little amazing canoes are really fun, Lights flash flash, Ships’ sails flap flap, Horns honk honk, Ice cream yum yum, People chat chat, Sails flap flap.

‘Tall Ships’ by Emma Age 8 years

Tall ships’ flags flap flap, All the people chatting chat chat, Lovely blue sea splash splash, Lots of people laughing ha ha ha, Shining fireworks shine shine, Horns of the ship honk honk, I see the waves crash crash, People sweeping the decks sweep sweep.



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