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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Boats

‘Goodbye Tall Ships’ by Harriet Sparling, Age 12 Years

Bunting draped across the town and tall ships Pops and bangs and fizzes and whizzes Dogs chasing cats chasing birds chasing mice People waving flags Dots and lines and zigzags everywhere The sky is full of colours Blues greens reds yellows oranges and purples Tall ships glide, small ships float, RNLI fly Steven the seagull… Read more »

‘A Sky of Colours’ by Lara Norris, Age 12 Years

Whoosh, sizzle, crackle, boom, Watch those fireworks soar and zoom, Scarlet, amber, aqua, lime, A sky of colours all the time. See those tall ships hit the sea, People are as happy as can be, Watch those seagulls call to friends, Watch the flags twist and bend.

‘At The Tall Ships Day’ By Aysha Cattran, Age 12 Years

At the warm Tallships day there are … People swimming in the bay seagulls flying around all day People looking out to sea people applauding at the view of the deep blue sea Animals everywhere running about all in the excitement of no doubt Cats and Dogs run and play whilst people are waving flags… Read more »

‘Sleeping like a ship’ by Erin Lyall, Age 12 Years

I can see people waving flags in my face as I walk through the colorful crowd: red ones, green ones, blue ones – as far as I can see. And I can hear yells of joy and happiness. And then I see the tall ships gliding through the emerald sea. Beautiful. Elegant. BANG, POP, WHIZZ…. Read more »

‘White Sails’ by Archie Pilcher, Age 12 Years

White sails as white as snow. Sailors dancing and prancing round and round. Fireworks flashing and crashing in the air. Birds going higher so they don’t catch on fire. There stands tall ships as tall as the sky. Then they all start to wave good bye.

‘As the Long Boats go Past’ by Jamie, Age 8 Years

As the Long Boats go Past As the long boats go past the pier, All the people shout and cheer, Flags are flying in the sky, Fireworks fly very, very high, All the sailors on the ship tall, Teetering, holding tight ,about to fall, ARRRRRRR!!!!!!! By Jamie

‘John Dyer’s painting by Madeline Age 9

Palm trees sway, As boats sail by, The sunny bay, Cowers away; he is shy. Even though the ships are tall, they can’t see as much as you and me, We can see a jewel, but they can’t see a bee. Fireworks displays, go on every night, there’s a cave you could be in one… Read more »

My Poem by Ellie Aged 9

The Firework I see is as beautiful as the sea, The boats that are floating are floating in the sea, The trees that are colourful are filling up the streets, The streets are wavy just like the streams.

‘Long Way Home’ by Molly Johnson, Aged 12

We’d just left the mouth of the Thames and that’s when I saw the big, black, stormy clouds coming towards. I tried to turn back but it was too late, me and my dog Bilbo were swept away by a huge greeny-blue wave. We were tossed and turned from side to side the water beginning… Read more »



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