Age 6 to 8

‘My Poem’ by Jocelyn Aged 7

Beautiful houses reflect from the

Lovely tall ship

Magical booming fireworks

Black dog with spotty collar

Cat white whiskers

Girls and boys cheering.

Age 6 to 8

‘The Game of Hide and Seek’ by Miriam, Age 8 Years

Once upon a time there was a cat called Sylvester. Sylvester was very cheeky sometimes, especially in this story. Sylvester had a sensible owner, which is just the opposite of him. Sylvester’s owner was called Chloe. Chloe had long, dark hair and clear blue eyes. Sylvester was black-and-white, with grass green eyes. One day, just before the fireworks went off and the tall ships came in, the streets were loaded with people busying around to get a good view of the sea and sky.
Sylvester and Chloe were playing hide-and-seek, which as you can probably imagine, it was very, very, very easy to find a place to hide that no-one could find you in a million years.
Sylvester was quite good at hiding. He decided to hide at the top of one of the colourful palm trees, but even he couldn’t see the seagull eyeing him curiously from overhead. He scrambled up the rough-barked palm tree and sneakily hid between two of the fresh green leaves.
Meanwhile, Chloe had just finished counting and had started looking for Sylvester. She certainly didn’t know where to look! She searched everywhere, well, everywhere except at the top of a palm tree!
After a while, Sylvester began to feel impatient. “Come on,” he thought, “even I could find a speck of dust up in this place! I didn’t mean to make it this hard!”
Suddenly, he spotted the seagull swooping down to him! He tried to cry out for help, but all that came out was a tiny “Mew!” despite his desperate efforts. Before you could say ‘Tiddlywinks’ the seagull had him up on the highest pole of a tall ship in a trice. Sylvester was trapped!
Chloe, at that time, had given up. ”OK, Sylvester, you win!” the frightened girl kept on shouting anxiously. She began to feel slightly worried after a while. What if Sylvester was lost? What would she do then?!?!?
Sylvester was beginning to feel scared. He could hear Chloe’s yelling, but was too worried to reply.
Suddenly, somebody in the crowd cried out, ‘Hey, what’s that black-and white thing on top of that tall ship over there? Is it a seagull?’
Chloe and all the other people turned to look. Sylvester smiled, grateful that they had finally noticed him.
This was Chloe’s only chance to find Sylvester. “No! THAT’s not a SEAGULL!!!” She yelled out in delight. “That’s my Sylvester!” Before anyone could stop her, she dived in the freezing ice-cold sea, in only her polka-dotted buttoned dress and leggings. Past the seals she went, crying tears of joy. Soggy-wet, she scrambled on board the tall ship which Sylvester was on. Ignoring the sailor’s warnings completely, she carelessly started to stagger herself up the riggings of the high mast. “Don’t look down,” she told herself, “Do anything but don’t look down!” She was nearly half-way now, on the third/fourth sail out of the 7 there were. “Nearly there!” She thought, “Not far to go now!”
Before you could blink, she was up at the top of the tall ship, cradling a black and white meowing ball of fur in her arms. “Now, to get down.” She stood deep in thought for a minute or two, one arm on the pole and the other rocking Sylvester gently.
She carefully let her arm go, watching the sails as she fell, hoping to grab on to one of the lowest banners so she could lower herself into the sea without making a big splash. She grabbed hold of the last banner with a tight grip so she wouldn’t slip and fall, and carefully lowered herself onto the ship’s deck. One of the sailors kindly picked up his phone and rang a lifeboat to take Sylvester and Chloe to shore, so Sylvester didn’t have to get wet.
Off to shore they went, the wind flapping in Chloe’s hair and Sylvester’s fur. Everybody cheered. “SYL-VE-STER!” they shouted, “CHLO-E!” the yelling was deafening. People even had made bright, colourful, home-made banners with their names on them, in order for a giant celebration
When they got to shore, Chloe thanked the man whom was at the wheel and said her farewells. Tired after all the exciting events that day, Sylvester wearily settled down on a comfy red-brick wall to watch the fireworks, while Chloe pointed out where they had been – on which exact tall ship – to a journalist with a telescope.

Age 6 to 8

‘Lou Lou and the Missing Cat’ by Emily Age 8 Years

One day there was a girl named Lou Lou. She was 22, a very nice, sweet girl with blonde hair. She wore a pretty yellow dress with red buttons. Lou Lou worked night and day, all day, every day as an actor. Lou Lou’s travelling theatre company were in Falmouth for the Tall Ships.
It was hard for Lou Lou because she had no family, just a cat named Lilly. Lilly, now she was Lou Lou’s pet cat that she had had since she was 17, so not that long ago.
One evening Lilly decided to explore. She walked out of the travelling theatre and out onto the boats.
The next morning Lou Lou woke to a giant shock! “Lilly’s missing!” shouted Lou Lou. Everyone came rushing because they knew how much Lilly meant to Lou Lou, but they just didn’t know what to do.
Meanwhile Lilly was having a little bit of a shock of her own. She was on one of the tall ships for the celebration. (This cat loves water, just to let you know: It all started when she was younger and still at the pet shop. Now, because Lilly was at the pet shop there were lots of fish, so one day the pet shop owner, Mr Bands, let Lilly out of her cage, so she climbed way up high on the shelves above the fish tanks and she fell in, but she found it really nice! Anyway, back to the story.) Lilly had found herself locked away after the captain had found her on deck. She tried to escape but it was no use.
Back at the theatre they sent out a search party. They all knew what she looked like. Everyone searched high and low but they couldn’t find her anywhere. Suddenly, Lou Lou had a brilliant bright idea. It was a tremendous idea, a fabulous idea, even though she was pretty much out of hope.
Back on the ship Lilly was waiting very impatiently when all of a sudden one of the crew members let Lilly free from her cabin (because the captain, Jack, had told him to). Jack had grown fond of Lilly (she had been missing for four days) and had decided to adopt her.
Lou Lou knew Lilly loved the water so she looked out to sea. Eventually she spotted Lilly on a tall ship. She swam out to sea, jumped onto the tall ship and picked Lilly up. Just then she saw the captain, Jack, and had a good idea. Lou Lou asked the captain if the theatre group could move on to the boat and he said YES!
And now, when the tall ships come, you can see a play on the tall ships.

Age 6 to 8

‘Tall Ships’ by Faye Age 8 Years

Tom the cat loves to play,
All the time and every day.
Lively fireworks light up the sky, he
Loves the smell of a creamy fish pie.
Ships are sailing on the sea, and
High winds make the sails break free.
I really want to be a
Pilot on a tall ship.

Age 9 to 12

‘Jim’ by Theo, Age 11Years

Jim sighted a cat alone, abandoned by its master – no-one looking for it, no-one tending it. Jim, pasty in hand, walked cautiously towards the frightened creature, broke off a meaty chunk, held it out and waited. The cat crept forward, its pads pressing on the ground lightly, sparingly knocked the meat from his hand and chewed on it curiously, tugging at the juicy delight.
After that he took the cat home and as they walked the fireworks started reflecting off the giant sails down in the harbour. Sailors climbed the tall strong masts of their proud ships. The water, dazzling on the seals and dolphins, gleamed in the stars. Cries of “Anchor down” and all the bangs, whizzes and fizzes greeted him on the way to the door.
Then the music of the sea commenced, swishes and crashes of the waves on the pebbles, climbing their way on to the rocks. The squarks of seagulls crying at passers-by. A dog’s harsh bark sends the seagulls flying towards the moon……