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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Falmouth

‘Bright Light, Night Fright’ by Adam, Age 11Years

Bright Light, Night Fright! Jack is a man who is 25 years old and likes partying all night. He loves wearing jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt. Jack went to the regatta, down at Falmouth, Cornwall; it was his first ever time going to the regatta and he went down with his dog, called Bolt…. Read more »

‘The Legend of Falmouth’ by Marine Montchamp Aged 15 years

Once upon a time there was a little town called Falmouth. It was very lovely with all her white houses and restaurants. There was the sea just near it. It was very practical because everybody could go fishing. The people who were living in this town, which was very good, were always helping each other… Read more »

‘Smiling’ by Daisy S, aged 11

The fireworks erupt into colours – blue, yellow, pink, Flashing before my eyes, Settling on the calm blue sea, That twinkles in the moonlight. Everyone cheers as the tall ships sail into sight; Busy sailors waving happily from the sails. The sparkles and fizzes fill the air, The fireworks painting the midnight blue sky by… Read more »

Tall Ships by Beau J aged 11

Slowly but steadily as the sun starts to shine, One or two ships are close in sight. Dunkin Donuts into chocolate, No-one misses a bite. As the tall masts creep closer to the harbour, Everyone starts to cheer. While the women watch the fireworks, the men enjoy a cold beer. Falmouth is full of ships… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Stacie -Leigh Aged 9

It all started in Australia where I was made, days in days out I would get rattled around. Until one day it all stopped nothing was to be heard or even seen, the days became long and tiring. Days became weeks. Six weeks later I found myself packed up in boxes I felt like a… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by Alex K Aged 10

It’s a colourful street in Falmouth. People are celebrating, tall ships are coming to town. The cornish flag that will represent our new hometown. White and black is our colour, of our beauty. A hive of activity rushing through Falmouth hitting houses People like shocks of power. Laughter and joy filled the air This is… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by Holly Aged 11

Outbursts of colour Invade the velvet curtain of the sky, Happiness, happiness, happiness, The Tall Ships are here! Laughter fills the air, BANG, GASP, LAUGHTER, BANG Goes the fireworks, GASP goes the crowd, LAUGHTER spreads across Falmouth. Long masts coming closer, closer, closer, The Tall Ships are here! I stare at the glowing moon In… Read more »

The Tall Ships by Neve Bishop age 14

The waves were calming as they sailed closer. If anyone said they weren’t looking forward to leaving their cramped wooden quarters, they were lying. The feeling of excitement was brewing aboard the ship as the seagulls circled above them. And there it was, slowly making its way on to the horizon. Although they couldn’t hear… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by

Tonight is when the tall ships come and light up the streets of Falmouth All people come from near and far Loud music plays all night Loud fireworks fly through the sky Ships come sailing in to Falmouth Harbour is where their journey ends In the dark of the night Pretty fireworks fly through the… Read more »



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