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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Falmouth

‘Tall Ships’ by Jay, Age 8 Years

The sound of the most amazing fireworks A giant crown of cheering people Lovely smells of barbecues cooking Like nothing you have ever smelt Super cool sailors standing on sails Happy people all around you Impossible to count everyone Praying it will never end Sailing out of Falmouth.

‘Tall Ships’ by Reilly McCormick, Age 11Years

Crashing through the waves, When the wind is howling, Drifting along on the calm blue sea, When the sun shines brightly. Fish leaping out of the cold salty water, The chill of the breeze in my face, I can smell the salt tingling in my nose, The shivers down my spine are cold. Heave and… Read more »

‘A Sailor’s Story’ by Lucy Rush, Age 12 Years

Finally! I’m home! Although I’m happy to be back, something doesn’t seem right. The air seems empty; like it’s longing for something that left years ago, that never came back. ‘Jude!’ I snap out of my thoughts as Nana comes up, her eyes sparkling. ‘I’ve missed you!’ she says, ‘And you’ll never guess what? The… Read more »

‘The Lifeboat’ by Samuel Age 8 Years

One sunny morning in Falmouth harbour the lifeboat men set off to patrol the area because the tall ships were coming. An hour later a boat launched off and went to Land’s End. It was very rough with spray going everywhere. Suddenly the boat capsized with a splash! “Help!” shouted a crew member. Meanwhile on… Read more »

‘The Tall Ships Destiny’ by Bella Carter, Age 9 Years

The Tall Ships Destiny One day in August 2014 when there was a calm sea and nothing but a light blue glistening ocean  in the distance. As the tall ships arrived there was a sense of celebration. Crystal clear sea flew by while the birds created a beautiful sound. Suddenly out of nowhere the image… Read more »

‘The Crystal Canon’ by Connor Burden, Age 9 Years

The Crystal Cannon Scientists carefully monitored the Sacred Temple of Anubis in Egypt. Scientists inside were translating hieroglyphics into modern language. One scientist pressed down on a hieroglyphic and a secret passageway opened up. And there before him was the most legendary treasure of all. He ran up to the cannon and studied it carefully…. Read more »

‘The Wonderful Tall Ships’ by Oliver Age 7 Years

The wonderful tall ships are sailing into Falmouth, All the people are extremely excited, Little amazing canoes are really fun, Lights flash flash, Ships’ sails flap flap, Horns honk honk, Ice cream yum yum, People chat chat, Sails flap flap.

A Firework’s Flight by Alex Graver, Age 10 Years

I was in a shed lonely as could be (the shed was gloomy and dark).Suddenly the door started shaking. BANG! The first fire work went up. He came in. He grabbed me; I was being swung down the path. Soon I was on a metal stand. I was full with excitement. He lay down some… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Finley Holt, Age 10 Years

In the dark, cold, rusty, black box I feel as lonely as a leaf scattered in a dark spooky hole and I don’t know what is going on. Suddenly these old people take me out of the small, stinky, box. These huge giant hands squish me into the soft, muddy earth and suddenly I light… Read more »



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