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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Falmouth

‘Tall Ships and Sand Pits’ by James Manning, Age 12 Years

The light blurs out into the way of the tall ships. The boys playing football and the girls building sand pits. The seagulls screaming, The crowd cheering. Lifeboats launching, The sun is scorching on this sunny day. The flags are flying, The waves go flying, The fish are biting, No children crying. Where are the… Read more »

‘The Tall Ships Festival’ by May Keeble, Age 9 Years

THE TALL SHIPS FESTIVAL The fireworks sizzle and crackle, They swirl and curl, High in the sky they amazingly astonish the gasping crowd below. Some ships sail along the briny sea, Whilst the buildings are on the dry, Palm trees are waving above your heads shouting in praise. The church bells chime and dong, The… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Regatta’ by Tom Canning, Age 12 Years

Tall ships regatta, fireworks popping, bright and cracking, bunting, colourful and lively, blowing in the wind, people cheering and waving, stevie the dog has lost his owner, the owner has lost stevie, the smacks and the pops of the fireworks, are scaring poor little stevie, the tall ships are coming, with their lights beaming bright,… Read more »

‘Falmouth Tall Ships’ by Archie Killen, Age 12 Years

Brightly coloured, the tall ships slowly drift into the port of falmouth, adding to the atmosphere of children laughing, people cheering, the brass band playing. As dusk turns to dark the clock strikes 12! Suddenly a carnival of colour exploding, into the night sky,transforming and bringing everything to life. A village celebrating. The sails of… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Joby, Age10 Years

It is 7.00pm on the day the tall ships sail into the harbour. The carnival has closed ready for the celebration of the tall ships arriving in Falmouth. As I walk to the harbour I can see the crowd laughing, singing and dancing with great smiles on their faces. I ran down to the water… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Emily, Age 10 Years

Tall Ships One cold, windy night in Falmouth Harbour, in a small abandoned boat there was a lonely girl called Cleo. She had never seen a celebration before. Suddenly, Cleo heard a bang. She hopped up in joy, she knew that this was her chance to actually find a family. She was so happy. The… Read more »

‘A Trip to Remember’ by Ceri, Age 9 Years

Dear Diary, My home town, Falmouth, was running out of food, so me and my six best friends, have set off, on a tall ship, to another part of England, to get some more food. I woke up in my cabin, at about 5:35am; I was very excited because we were heading back to Falmouth…. Read more »



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