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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Falmouth

‘The Salvation’ by Will Haskin, Age 12 Years

The day the tall ships came, I knew the ships’ names, The white sails, The milk pails, The black shadow, The blue hoe, The coronation, And finally: the salvation. Its white sails flailing, The wind wailing, The waves crashing, It sounds like a whip lashing. My hopes are up, My face erupts, My salvation is… Read more »

‘Long Way Home’ by Molly Johnson, Aged 12

We’d just left the mouth of the Thames and that’s when I saw the big, black, stormy clouds coming towards. I tried to turn back but it was too late, me and my dog Bilbo were swept away by a huge greeny-blue wave. We were tossed and turned from side to side the water beginning… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Galore’ by Wilamena, Age 7 Years

Tall ships galore in the port of Falmouth, people climbing up and up the salty rigging, hanging from the sails. And cheering people standing at the quay, waving flags as the soft breeze blows in their faces. Purple boats that are the Tall ships, sprays the boat with salty water. Just as the clock strikes… Read more »



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