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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: firework

‘Tall Ships’ by Iris, age 11

Bang! Another firework exploded. Yay! Children having fun. Seagulls flying through the gentle moonlit sky. While the tall ships crowd in and say hello. The smell of happiness lures me in to join the family. The moon is a light shining down on us, Keeping us safe and secure As we cheer and play inside… Read more »

My Poem by Ellie Aged 9

The Firework I see is as beautiful as the sea, The boats that are floating are floating in the sea, The trees that are colourful are filling up the streets, The streets are wavy just like the streams.

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Rebecca Mitchell, Age 10 Years

One lovely Monday morning I got picked out of my friends, I heard Mr Bluesman (the firework manager) say “This special little striped firework will be a big, crazy hit at the ceremony, John.” “Great we need lots of different sorts of fireworks because many people are going to see the tall ships coming in,… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Isobel McIlduff, Age 11Years

In a dark, scary, dusty box I saw nothing,but there were more fireworks I’m sure. Suddenly the box started moving. I felt scared… I had no idea what was happening, the box was moving side to side like a rocking horse. Just then I did a sigh of relief as the ride finally started to… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Florence Bawden, Age 10 Years

Bumpty, bump I go in pitch black darkness inside a dusty old box that I got chucked into by an old man wearing a plain, white T-shirt with only spots of colour on a tiny pocket. I am a colourful, stripped firework who has no idea where it’s going, this particular firework is a bit… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Farrah-Jai Burrows, Age 10 Years

I was dumped in a dark, gloomy box, just me, alone. Finally I was shaken to life when the box was picked up. I rattled around, my fuses sparking (I didn’t actually spark, but I got really excited!). Suddenly, daylight struck me like lightning. A pinkish/peachish THING grabbed me. I was yanked out of my… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Leon Langmaid, Age 10 Years

Alone in the old, dusty, freezing box, I lie there, still as a rock. The journey’s been horrible, bumpy but finally we arrive. I feel the box get lifted and I hear the dust race off the box. It sounds fascinating. Suddenly the box plummets to the ground and the box walls collapse before my… Read more »

A Firework’s Flight by Alex Graver, Age 10 Years

I was in a shed lonely as could be (the shed was gloomy and dark).Suddenly the door started shaking. BANG! The first fire work went up. He came in. He grabbed me; I was being swung down the path. Soon I was on a metal stand. I was full with excitement. He lay down some… Read more »



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