Age 9 to 12

‘The bird and the boat’ by Laura Age 9 Years

The bird and the boat

There was once a bird (seagull) that lived with a sailor on a tall ship. Her name was Shelly and she hated the taste of the sea salt. Whenever she tasted it her feet tingled. One day the sailor called,” We should go for a sail”. Shelly hated the sound of that! But she had to go. So she flew on to the sail and they set off. She was so scared.

She started to write a poem:
It is boring on the boat
Really, really boring Yes it is!…

Shelly was so bored. One day she overheard the captain saying,”The ocean is full of fun, exciting things.” Shelly never knew that before and she definitely loved the sound of it. Now she didn’t care about the taste of the sea salt at all. All she wanted to do was fly and have a good time out at sea so that is what she did.

She wrote a new poem, here it is:

I love the swishy fun sea and I never want to leave so,
I just sit and chat to myself I don’t need a sleeve to wipe my tears
Because I am HAPPY!
So that was that.

By Laura

Age 13 to 16

‘Those Amazing Tall Ships’ by Jasmine Hearnden Aged 14

As the carnival arrived,
We all ran and dived,
Into a town so happy,
You could never be snappy,
The colours were so bold,
And the air never cold,
And then came the ships,
Oh those graceful Tall Ships.

As I looked to the sky,
I saw the fireworks fly,
The sky illuminating,
And suddenly everybody was waiting.

And then the ships reached the port,
And as we had always been taught,
Respect the ships for before mobile phones and technology was near,
A different way of communicating was here,
There was a time when these ships were the social media,
And they sent our news, letters and stories to those who were not near,
And we should never forget the incredible job they did,
Oh those amazing Tall Ships.

Age 13 to 16

‘My Story’ by Lisa Pooley aged 14

As the night closed in, the sea started to settle. All was silent, all was calm. Then the boats came into sight. The silence was disturbed as an eruption of sound was created. The parcels had arrived. As the boats docked fireworks lit up the darkness. People descended like prowling to see what all the fuss was about and there right before their eyes was all they could ever of dreamed off. People were happy, people were smiling as they claimed what was theirs. Families were scattered all across the docks, huddled together.

Age 9 to 12

‘Tall Ships Come to Falmouth’ by Libby, Age 10 Years

Yesterday the astonishing tall ships came in because it was the Tall Ships Festival. They were in Falmouth Harbour which was full of all kinds of people crowding around to see the boats come in.
Some had sails of bright vibrant colours. One ship had all the different flags of countries. Most ships had the flag of Great Britain on their boat. Everyone seemed happy and joyful there.
There were stunning, eye catching fireworks going off in the sky. The fireworks were loud but beautiful; they came in all shapes and sizes.
Everyone went home happy from the amazing day at the Tall Ships Festival.

Age 9 to 12

‘I live for the joy on children’s faces’ by Hollie Davis, 11Years

I’m Rocky. It’s hard to feel sad when everyone else is happy around you? Even if you are me. My life wasn’t the easiest it had ups and downs – more downs than ups -but I got here in the end. On my unicycle. I always wanted to be an entertainer. Everyone else told me I wouldn’t do it, I was useless. But I did.
It all started when I was 10. When my Maths teacher told me I was rubbish. Never liked her! From then on I knew I wanted to make other people happy, because I was sad, and now I’m living the dream. With content, laughing children surrounding me like the sea surrounds an island. I can believe that I make a difference. I’m not rubbish or useless and I CAN DO IT, no matter what anyone says – teacher or not.
I now live for the joy on children’s faces, their happy smiles and charming ways. And all because I am only happy when those around me are.