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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: happy

‘The bird and the boat’ by Laura Age 9 Years

The bird and the boat There was once a bird (seagull) that lived with a sailor on a tall ship. Her name was Shelly and she hated the taste of the sea salt. Whenever she tasted it her feet tingled. One day the sailor called,” We should go for a sail”. Shelly hated the sound… Read more »

‘Those Amazing Tall Ships’ by Jasmine Hearnden Aged 14

As the carnival arrived, We all ran and dived, Into a town so happy, You could never be snappy, The colours were so bold, And the air never cold, And then came the ships, Oh those graceful Tall Ships. As I looked to the sky, I saw the fireworks fly, The sky illuminating, And suddenly… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Lisa Pooley aged 14

As the night closed in, the sea started to settle. All was silent, all was calm. Then the boats came into sight. The silence was disturbed as an eruption of sound was created. The parcels had arrived. As the boats docked fireworks lit up the darkness. People descended like prowling to see what all the… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Come to Falmouth’ by Libby, Age 10 Years

Yesterday the astonishing tall ships came in because it was the Tall Ships Festival. They were in Falmouth Harbour which was full of all kinds of people crowding around to see the boats come in. Some had sails of bright vibrant colours. One ship had all the different flags of countries. Most ships had the… Read more »



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