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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Harbour

Tall Ships by Beau J aged 11

Slowly but steadily as the sun starts to shine, One or two ships are close in sight. Dunkin Donuts into chocolate, No-one misses a bite. As the tall masts creep closer to the harbour, Everyone starts to cheer. While the women watch the fireworks, the men enjoy a cold beer. Falmouth is full of ships… Read more »

‘The Lifeboat’ by Samuel Age 8 Years

One sunny morning in Falmouth harbour the lifeboat men set off to patrol the area because the tall ships were coming. An hour later a boat launched off and went to Land’s End. It was very rough with spray going everywhere. Suddenly the boat capsized with a splash! “Help!” shouted a crew member. Meanwhile on… Read more »

‘The Great Rescue!’ by Amelia, Age 8 Years

The Great Rescue! Once there was a girl called Scarlet. She couldn’t swim but she loved fish and chips, music, colours and she was eleven. One day Scarlet and her mum were at home getting ready because they had heard that the tall ships were in town. After a while they walked down to the… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Florence Bawden, Age 10 Years

Bumpty, bump I go in pitch black darkness inside a dusty old box that I got chucked into by an old man wearing a plain, white T-shirt with only spots of colour on a tiny pocket. I am a colourful, stripped firework who has no idea where it’s going, this particular firework is a bit… Read more »

‘Birds Eye Thought’ by Frances Fraser, Age 12 Years

The crowd fills the Harbour As more people enter the street, Children dance and adults sing Running to get a rocky seat. The emerald sea is full Crammed to the very last pool. The ships run high tall and strong, Their bunting blowing when the wind runs cool. As the houses empty and The atmosphere… Read more »

‘Tall Ships and Small Ships’ by Anwen, Age 9 Years

Tall Ships and Small Ships One night, Joe and Manny (the dog) were fast asleep. Suddenly they woke up to the sound of loud bangs. Joe ran downstairs to see what the noise was, then came Manny scrambling his way behind him. Joe went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea while Manny… Read more »

‘The Sailor’s Tale’ by Charlotte, Age 11Years

I was walking home from work early this evening, shattered from a long day’s work, when I heard my friend yelling my name. I went over to see what all the commotion was about and it turned out the sailors were coming home. I would finally get to see my husband! All of the loneliness… Read more »



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