Age 9 to 12

‘The Sea’ by Billy Daly, Age 11Years

The Sea
I am violent, a bloodhound targeting victim after victim.
I am vociferous, I flood towns, erode cliffs, beat mountains down to add to my collection.
I am vast, I am as large as life, and twice as powerful.
I am a lone wolf, howling to the shore, roaring at the towns.
I am the sea
by Billy

Age 9 to 12

‘Scarlett the Seagull’ by Mackenzie Evans, Age 10 Years

Scarlett the seagull

She g l i d e s across the shimmering sea like a boat hovering on top,

Scarlett dives deep d
to catch her delicious prey.

She hears the ‘ding dong’ of the town clock as it strikes 10’o clock.

Scarlett makes her way home,

and the tall-ships sail their way to London for their big day tomorrow.
By Mackenzie Evans.

Age 9 to 12

‘The Sea’ by Jacob Wynn, Age 10 Years

The sea
I smash when I’m angry,

I jog when I’m happy and

walk when I’m feeling sad,

my waves are, like bombs when I’m being controlled by the wind,

and like a Great White Shark lurking around the waters of the sea.

Age 9 to 12

‘The Tall Ships come to Falmouth’ by Tamsyn Stacey, Age 10 Years

Tall ships come to Falmouth
I can hear the tourists and locals singing to the samba bands.
I can smell the salt lurking in the salty sea.
I can touch the amazing animals that lurk in the town even though it is buzzing with excitement.
I can see the tall ships sailing into port.
The tall ships come to Falmouth.

Age 9 to 12

‘Black and white cornish cat’ by Daniel Bowden, Age 11Years

Black and white Cornish cat

Black and white Cornish cat,
Frightened by ferocious fireworks

If only she could lay flat,
By the warm and welcoming range

“I wish the people would scat,
From these busy Cornish streets”

“The residents are all so fat,
They push me off the street”

“Sail away ships, that’s right, sail away”

“Flea hot-dog stands, that’s right, flea
For I am a black and white, Cornish cat.”

Age 9 to 12

‘The Tall Ships’ By Erin Mackinnon, Age 11Years

The Tall Ships
Magical ships have arrived
Tall ships towering all the small ships
Gliding, sliding
The sky is a colourful rainbow
Glimmering gold-bright blue and pirate pink
A roar of excitement fills the busy air
Trees dancing
Animals clapping
Sails catching the wind
The sea is awake swaying to and fro
Lit by the explosive sky
By Erin

Age 9 to 12

‘Tick Tock’ by Teagan Condy, Age 10 Years

Tick Tock went the clock,
Charlie lost his sock,
“The fireworks are coming” shouts everyone,
People start cheering and having fun,
The locals are waving,
Fireworks are blazing,
Flags are flapping,
Penny’s in her house,
And all the wood lice are crawling to see the magic,
We hope it doesn’t rain because that’ll be tragic,
Black and white Cornish cats, little itchy scuttling rats,
Seagulls are scared,
They come in pairs,
My uncle glares,
Trees are swaying,
Children are playing,
The sea is shining like a diamond,
We’ve got firemen in case of a fire,
Go to the art gallery and you’ll see John Dyer.
By Teagan Condy

Age 9 to 12

‘The Seal’ by Poppy Ingall, Age years

The Seal
Sluggishly I lie
Like a colossal rock
A blue blanket cools me
Rolling I f
L and tumble

Cumbersome on land but slick in water
I wish I was as delicate as a ballerina on land.
I love to play like a playful child.
By Poppy Ingall