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Posts Tagged: sails

‘The Greenwich Procession’ by Ollie Nichols, Age 11Years

This year I am going to one of the best festivals in Britain at this time. I went last year and it was magnificent. The puppets are illuminated with different coloured lights. They swerve and turn down the streets as if in a mind of their own. I walk along the street, following the carnival… Read more »

‘A star to steer her by’ by Jessie Laughton, Age11Years

With a bag slung over my shoulder And the night sky sooty and smouldered I wade out to my sailing-singer, Wave-whipper, fortune-bringer And by the light of the lonely sky A star to steer her by. Once aboard, I stare up Into the world of the sails above Into the acres of the shaking white… Read more »

‘The Salvation’ by Will Haskin, Age 12 Years

The day the tall ships came, I knew the ships’ names, The white sails, The milk pails, The black shadow, The blue hoe, The coronation, And finally: the salvation. Its white sails flailing, The wind wailing, The waves crashing, It sounds like a whip lashing. My hopes are up, My face erupts, My salvation is… Read more »

‘Jim’ by Theo, Age 11Years

Jim sighted a cat alone, abandoned by its master – no-one looking for it, no-one tending it. Jim, pasty in hand, walked cautiously towards the frightened creature, broke off a meaty chunk, held it out and waited. The cat crept forward, its pads pressing on the ground lightly, sparingly knocked the meat from his hand… Read more »



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