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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: sea

‘Scarlett the Seagull’ by Mackenzie Evans, Age 10 Years

Scarlett the seagull She g l i d e s across the shimmering sea like a boat hovering on top, Scarlett dives deep d o w n to catch her delicious prey. She hears the ‘ding dong’ of the town clock as it strikes 10’o clock. Scarlett makes her way home, and the tall-ships sail… Read more »

‘The Sea’ by Jacob Wynn, Age 10 Years

The sea I smash when I’m angry, I jog when I’m happy and walk when I’m feeling sad, my waves are, like bombs when I’m being controlled by the wind, and like a Great White Shark lurking around the waters of the sea.

‘I love the sea’ by Madison, Age 9 Years

I love the sea I love the sea filled with a thousand racing ships, Eager to set sail. I must go down to the sea, To see the hungry seagulls, And their shiny fish. Fishermen dancing the fish in, And crazy men singing Ladies blushing, And children laughing. Then at the stroke of midnight: the… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Emma Greenshields, Age 12 Years

Tall ships are gliding over the choppy waves All ships are brightly coloured and smothered in flags Lots of people are shouting and cheering Lots of birds fly in circles above the commotion below Skies flash with fireworks Houses lie empty while everyone celebrates In the sea the seaweed floats, bobbing in time with the… Read more »

‘Moonlit Dreams’ by Polly Palmer, Aged 12

The water wanders over my feet as I look out to sea. A wave crashes against the cliff face leaving surf sprayed across my cottage garden on top of the hill. Me and the ocean. The moon gleaming down on us like a spotlight. But I have to leave my friend to climb up the… Read more »

‘The beautiful, sunny beach’ by Eilwen Deacon, Age 9 Years

The beautiful, sunny beach The loud, crazy seagulls flew Over the salty, blue still sea. Ice cream is like freezing cold ice on a winter’s night. Fish and chips are like a hot, burning cooker in your mouth. Ice cream is like freezing, cold ice on a winter’s night. When the seagulls communicate it’s like… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Jamie Lorenzo, Age 8 Years

Tall Ships The ships are sailing as fast as the wind over the salty blue sea. I dive in the glimmering salty sea like a dolphin searching for his tea! The seagulls are singing with hunger in the sandy salty sea. I dive in the glimmering salty sea like a dolphin searching for his tea!… Read more »



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