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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Seagull

‘Goodbye Tall Ships’ by Harriet Sparling, Age 12 Years

Bunting draped across the town and tall ships Pops and bangs and fizzes and whizzes Dogs chasing cats chasing birds chasing mice People waving flags Dots and lines and zigzags everywhere The sky is full of colours Blues greens reds yellows oranges and purples Tall ships glide, small ships float, RNLI fly Steven the seagull… Read more »

‘The bird and the boat’ by Laura Age 9 Years

The bird and the boat There was once a bird (seagull) that lived with a sailor on a tall ship. Her name was Shelly and she hated the taste of the sea salt. Whenever she tasted it her feet tingled. One day the sailor called,” We should go for a sail”. Shelly hated the sound… Read more »

Tall Ships Acrostic by Charlotte Aged 6

Time to set sail. A long anchor down and down. Long white seagull flapping in the air. Long journey to sail. Sail to shore. High sails. I see waves washing up and down. Party time on the deck. Ships are nice to look at.

‘A Voyage Of Discovery’ by Edie Vernol, Age 9 Years

A Voyage Of Discovery I was in the crow’s nest, spying through my telescope, and then I saw it. “Land Ho!” I cried to the crew of The Neptune, our tall ship. “Steer North-West”, I shouted again. In no time, the Neptune was docking. We were docking on a shore of golden sand and towering… Read more »

‘The Game of Hide and Seek’ by Miriam, Age 8 Years

Once upon a time there was a cat called Sylvester. Sylvester was very cheeky sometimes, especially in this story. Sylvester had a sensible owner, which is just the opposite of him. Sylvester’s owner was called Chloe. Chloe had long, dark hair and clear blue eyes. Sylvester was black-and-white, with grass green eyes. One day, just… Read more »

‘Scarlett the Seagull’ by Mackenzie Evans, Age 10 Years

Scarlett the seagull She g l i d e s across the shimmering sea like a boat hovering on top, Scarlett dives deep d o w n to catch her delicious prey. She hears the ‘ding dong’ of the town clock as it strikes 10’o clock. Scarlett makes her way home, and the tall-ships sail… Read more »



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