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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: seagulls

‘At The Tall Ships Day’ By Aysha Cattran, Age 12 Years

At the warm Tallships day there are … People swimming in the bay seagulls flying around all day People looking out to sea people applauding at the view of the deep blue sea Animals everywhere running about all in the excitement of no doubt Cats and Dogs run and play whilst people are waving flags… Read more »

‘Under the Stars’ by Grace Harrison, Age 8 Years

Under the Stars The wind bellows within the sails, Along with the chorus of the whales , The white horses gallop and neigh, These are the words that the white ones say, “Swim, oh fish, the Fishermen come, You may be caught and dried under the sun,” Seagulls soar across the sky, They think how… Read more »

‘The Legend of Falmouth’ by Marine Montchamp Aged 15 years

Once upon a time there was a little town called Falmouth. It was very lovely with all her white houses and restaurants. There was the sea just near it. It was very practical because everybody could go fishing. The people who were living in this town, which was very good, were always helping each other… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Lily M, Age 11

A soft blue blanket hung limblessly over the star strewn sky. The moon staring down on Falmouth, winking occasionally to the scattered people way down below. The brightly blue sky and sea reflect the smiling moon’s face. Boats litter the tranquil sea as the lingering people wait upon the boats. The squawking seagulls scan the… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Poem’ by Lauren G, age 11

Woosh, went the waves when the fireworks exploded in the night sky. Swoosh, went the wind in the trees as the crowd cheers and howls. Bang, went the fireworks as the sea shone from the moon. Dogs barking Bells ringing Children screaming Trees swishing Birds squawking Barbeques burning Fireworks exploding The smell of pasties waft… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Iris, age 11

Bang! Another firework exploded. Yay! Children having fun. Seagulls flying through the gentle moonlit sky. While the tall ships crowd in and say hello. The smell of happiness lures me in to join the family. The moon is a light shining down on us, Keeping us safe and secure As we cheer and play inside… Read more »

‘Smiling’ by Daisy S, aged 11

The fireworks erupt into colours – blue, yellow, pink, Flashing before my eyes, Settling on the calm blue sea, That twinkles in the moonlight. Everyone cheers as the tall ships sail into sight; Busy sailors waving happily from the sails. The sparkles and fizzes fill the air, The fireworks painting the midnight blue sky by… Read more »

‘Tall Ships in the Bay’ by Dylan R, age 11

Terrific tall ships are in the bay And some are still on their way Loud people as they come in Lovely peaceful blue sea Seagulls in the sky High, very high In the sky ready to eat Pasty’s and fish and chips Seagulls are taking MY fish and chips



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