Age 6 to 8

‘As the Long Boats go Past’ by Jamie, Age 8 Years

As the Long Boats go Past

As the long boats go past the pier,
All the people shout and cheer,
Flags are flying in the sky,
Fireworks fly very, very high,
All the sailors on the ship tall,
Teetering, holding tight ,about to fall,

By Jamie

Age 9 to 12

‘Tall Ship Regatta’ by Neve, Age 9 Years

Tall Ship Regatta

Celebration time in Falmouth,
Excited people all around town,
Listen carefully to the soft music,
Elated people dancing in their clogs,
Bright colours bursting though the town,
Regatta for everyone, come on join in,
A celebration not too forget,
Tonight it’s time to party,
Illuminating the sea side town fireworks fly,
On the pier there are people dancing,
Never forget this celebration.

By Neve

Age 9 to 12

‘A Beautiful Night’ by Hannah, Age 11 Years

A Beautiful Night

The crackling fireworks giving off a bright light,
The calm glistening sea beaming in the night,
Gigantic tall ships getting ready to set sail,
People dancing and cheering while drinking ale,
Flags calmly waving side to side,
A peaceful, millpond this high tide,
It’s such a beautiful sight,
What an amazing night!

By Hannah

Age 9 to 12

‘The Regatta’ by Samson, Age 9 Years

The Regatta

The fireworks boom and light up the sky,
You can hear the drunken sailors singing a shanty,
The wooden pier is full of dancing people,
The man playing the accordion beside John Dyer’s shop,
As all the bands stop the people start walking home,
All the cups and cans left on the road and the pavement,
For tomorrow’s rubbish collection.

By Samson

Age 6 to 8

‘The Rat who had an Adventure’ by Lewis, Age 8 Years

The Rat who had an Adventure

There was a little rat called Ralph who lived on beautiful tall white pale ship. He watched the Regatta, and under the black ocean where the magic happens there were two little goldfish.

Age 9 to 12

‘Bright Light, Night Fright’ by Adam, Age 11Years

Bright Light, Night Fright!

Jack is a man who is 25 years old and likes partying all night. He loves wearing jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt. Jack went to the regatta, down at Falmouth, Cornwall; it was his first ever time going to the regatta and he went down with his dog, called Bolt. They were best buddies. Jack also took his bike to the regatta.
While he was riding his bike he lost Bolt in the dark scary night and he could not find Bolt anywhere. Jack looked for ever and ever.
Jack looked on every single boat and every building in the city in which there were a lot of buildings.
Jack was getting really worried about Bolt, Jack was feeling extremely scared now, he had looked everywhere in the city and there was nowhere else to look in Falmouth.
Two hours later Jack found Bolt behind a hedge out of the city. Jack was the happiest person in the whole festival at 2:55am.
After Jack found Bolt they made their way straight home. Thirty minutes later Jack got home with Bolt and they went straight to sleep.
By Adam

Age 9 to 12

‘Bright Light Long Night’ by Aaron, Age 10 Years

Bright Light Long Night

Fire burning in the bright lights.
I am cheering for the boats to start the race.
Red and white lights.
Excited people dancing and prancing on the boats in the harbour

We are all waiting for the race to begin at 12 o’clock,
Oh my, oh my, what a wonderful sight of the night sky,
Roaring of the wind, pushing the big white sails,
Kids playing all night long in the starry night sky.

By Aaron

Age 9 to 12

‘A Party at the Tall Ships Regatta’ by Nyssa, Age 10 Years

A Party at the Tall Ships Regatta.

As the clock struck 10 the magical fireworks lit up the dull night sky,
The people danced around the glowing streets celebrating and partying all night long,
The boats set sail with the party on board and with seamen expertly hanging from the sails,
The water was as still as a millpond and the white horses galloped in the water as the water shone in the glistening moonlight,
As the clock struck 12 the party stopped partying, the sailors stopped their loud singing and the boats docked into shore.

By Nyssa

Age 6 to 8

‘Under the Stars’ by Grace Harrison, Age 8 Years

Under the Stars

The wind bellows within the sails,
Along with the chorus of the whales ,
The white horses gallop and neigh,
These are the words that the white ones say,
“Swim, oh fish, the Fishermen come,
You may be caught and dried under the sun,”
Seagulls soar across the sky,
They think how lucky am I?
To be able to fly,

People shout and cry and scream,
Under the magnificent moon beam,
Swirling twirling fireworks in the great star alleys,
They are so bright they can even
Be seen from the deepest of valleys,
The beat of the feet on the street stops,
The colours die down,
And people start to frown,
They go to bed,
To rest their heads,
And they sleep, sleep, sleep.

By Grace

Age 9 to 12

‘The Tall Ships’ by Emily, Age 11Years

The Tall Ships

The crashing fireworks burst through the sky like a thousand rockets,
The dancing people groove through the streets,
All of the children’s wide smiles are as bright as all the stars in the dark night sky,
Vibrant colours illuminating the town,
Singing, laughing, dancing, shouting,
The colourful seaside town,
The crystal, deep, blue sea,
The jolly drunken sailors singing shanties as the night goes on,
Hooray, hooray the villagers shout,
This is the best night with no doubt.

By Emily