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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

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The Moon Child by Mabel Cooper Age 11

Whoosh! Phhvvt! A firework whizzed up in vain hope to fly higher than me. I gazed down from my indigo sky and the dragons opened their starry eyes to shine upon the Earth. I saw it all; the tall ships, the fireworks , the singing, the dancing, everything. And I knew it would continue until… Read more »

Hidden Ghosts by Sophie Deis Horton

As the night fell bursts of explosive colour erupted into the sky. The elongated shadows of prowling tall ships crept along the ichor, black sea; reached for the dinghies fluttering across the waves and sent splinters of wood into the oblivious crowd. The nights hunt began. All around her Jasmine’s neighbours sent joyous screams and… Read more »

‘From Finner’ by Cora Cooper Age 13

I laugh, revelling in the warmth of the sky; the celebrations; the colours. Nights like this always bring us together — scavengers, winged and pawed alike. Indigos merge seamlessly into violets, turquoises, creams, ambers, apricots, cherries. The flames of lanterns dance with each other; unknown, joyful spirits that only show themselves at celebrations. The music… Read more »

‘Sleeping like a ship’ by Erin Lyall, Age 12 Years

I can see people waving flags in my face as I walk through the colorful crowd: red ones, green ones, blue ones – as far as I can see. And I can hear yells of joy and happiness. And then I see the tall ships gliding through the emerald sea. Beautiful. Elegant. BANG, POP, WHIZZ…. Read more »

‘Tall Ships Couple’ by Will, Age 9 Years

Tall Ships Couple Paul and Julia were about to get married. The bells were ringing and when they walked in people were flinging confetti everywhere, they walked up to the best man. The best man said a few words and then said you may now kiss. They kissed and loads people were cheering and crying… Read more »

‘The Big Pearl’ by Lynty, Age 9 Years

The Big Pearl There was once a girl named Daisy and a boy called Jack. Daisy was wearing a beautiful pink dress that sparkled in the sun. She was also wearing dazzling pretty shoes that tapped on the stony path. Jack was wearing black cool shorts with an awesome green top. They both were the… Read more »

‘The bird and the boat’ by Laura Age 9 Years

The bird and the boat There was once a bird (seagull) that lived with a sailor on a tall ship. Her name was Shelly and she hated the taste of the sea salt. Whenever she tasted it her feet tingled. One day the sailor called,” We should go for a sail”. Shelly hated the sound… Read more »

‘Dog Tall Ship Adventure’ by Jay, Age 9 Years

Dog Adventure Once upon a time on a Tall Ship there were two dogs. One was black and called Woof the other one was brown and he was called Barker! Woof and Barker were best friends. They traveled to Africa for an adventure on The Tall Ships. It was a big excitement for them! By… Read more »



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