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Posts Tagged: Story

‘Bright Light, Night Fright’ by Adam, Age 11Years

Bright Light, Night Fright! Jack is a man who is 25 years old and likes partying all night. He loves wearing jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt. Jack went to the regatta, down at Falmouth, Cornwall; it was his first ever time going to the regatta and he went down with his dog, called Bolt…. Read more »

‘Tom’s Treasure’ by Alex, Age 11Years

Tom’s Treasure The past is brought to the future; where even dogs and cats sing in harmony; where the lighthouse is a small light; this is a Cornish sea-side celebration. You would not get such a big crowd in the football world cup final in Brazil! Even the local chippy staff were dancing to the… Read more »

‘The Legend of Falmouth’ by Marine Montchamp Aged 15 years

Once upon a time there was a little town called Falmouth. It was very lovely with all her white houses and restaurants. There was the sea just near it. It was very practical because everybody could go fishing. The people who were living in this town, which was very good, were always helping each other… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Lily M, Age 11

A soft blue blanket hung limblessly over the star strewn sky. The moon staring down on Falmouth, winking occasionally to the scattered people way down below. The brightly blue sky and sea reflect the smiling moon’s face. Boats litter the tranquil sea as the lingering people wait upon the boats. The squawking seagulls scan the… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Isobel, Age 11

The sky was full of colours as the fireworks danced in the night sky. The crowds cheered while the Tall Ships glided through the swooshing waves. I stare at the glowing street lights. ‘Bam!’ an erupting volcano of colour, bursting out fairy dust before another almighty bang! I see children dancing with sparklers, next to… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Stacie -Leigh Aged 9

It all started in Australia where I was made, days in days out I would get rattled around. Until one day it all stopped nothing was to be heard or even seen, the days became long and tiring. Days became weeks. Six weeks later I found myself packed up in boxes I felt like a… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Faith Aged 11

Dancing sparks of fire bursting into beautiful colours splatter over the purple night sky, transforming it into a huge canvas of colour. I can feel the glimmering fireworks reflecting off my eyes. The great, shining sky and moon above have turned into a dangling stopwatch, hypnotising everyone looking up to the above. I nibble a… Read more »

‘Ship’s Log Day 6’ by Ella Deraed, Age 9 Years

Ship’s Log Day 6 At last that horrible storm has gone. I never want to be in a storm again! I haven’t been able to write in my log otherwise it would look like I was writing with my left hand and there lots of jobs to do because some people have been seasick. There… Read more »



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