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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

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‘Ship’s Log Day 14’ by Skye Sangster, Age 9 Years

Ships Log Day 14 It was the end of our voyage of exploration and we travelled through the English Channel and sailed up the River Thames. We came into my home town of Greenwich. I could see most of my aunts and uncles, all my cousins were there, and mum and dad were there too…. Read more »

‘Ship’s Log Day 1’ by Lilly Hird, Age 9 Years

Ship’s Log Day 1 All I could hear was the roaring coming from the crowd from the quayside. My family was waving like mad and my wife was crying weakly. I was carrying a heavy box full of tasty food since I was the ship’s cook. As I walked up the ramp I plonked the… Read more »

‘A Voyage Of Discovery’ by Edie Vernol, Age 9 Years

A Voyage Of Discovery I was in the crow’s nest, spying through my telescope, and then I saw it. “Land Ho!” I cried to the crew of The Neptune, our tall ship. “Steer North-West”, I shouted again. In no time, the Neptune was docking. We were docking on a shore of golden sand and towering… Read more »

‘A Voyage of Discovery’ by Noah Walker aged 9

A Voyage Of Discovery 9th July 1850 09:30am I was washed onto a golden yellow beach surround by luscious green forests the sand was flaming hot so I jumped up straight away. All I could remember was that The Fierce was ship wrecked. The water around me was filled with playful dolphins and tropical fish…. Read more »

‘The Deserter’ By Dominic Nichols Age 9

The Deserter I’d landed on a golden, sandy and tropical beach with shells dotted around. I walked further inland and tall towers rose up above me, Union Jacks and lots of other Britishness around me, being a Spaniard I really didn’t feel welcome. As I got even further inland stalls were appearing around me and… Read more »

The Tall Ships by Neve Bishop age 14

The waves were calming as they sailed closer. If anyone said they weren’t looking forward to leaving their cramped wooden quarters, they were lying. The feeling of excitement was brewing aboard the ship as the seagulls circled above them. And there it was, slowly making its way on to the horizon. Although they couldn’t hear… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Lisa Pooley aged 14

As the night closed in, the sea started to settle. All was silent, all was calm. Then the boats came into sight. The silence was disturbed as an eruption of sound was created. The parcels had arrived. As the boats docked fireworks lit up the darkness. People descended like prowling to see what all the… Read more »

‘The Game of Hide and Seek’ by Miriam, Age 8 Years

Once upon a time there was a cat called Sylvester. Sylvester was very cheeky sometimes, especially in this story. Sylvester had a sensible owner, which is just the opposite of him. Sylvester’s owner was called Chloe. Chloe had long, dark hair and clear blue eyes. Sylvester was black-and-white, with grass green eyes. One day, just… Read more »

‘The Sea Story’ by Leon, Age 8 Years

One day there was a person called Ross. He was going for his daily walk and he found a hurt rat. He took it home and took care of it. He named the rat Scally. Scally was very dirty so Ross cleaned Scally. When Scally got out she yawned so Ross made a bed for… Read more »

‘Tilly and Bob’ by Emily Ra, Age 8 Years

Tilly is young and she is twenty-four. Tilly has a dog called Dave. They were in town. When then got there Dave the dog disappeared. Dave smelt a hot dog and he ran to find it on a tall ship. Tilly was worried because Dave was gone. She went around town hunting for him. She… Read more »



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