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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Story

‘Tall Ships Disaster’ by Ashleigh, Age 14 Years

Saturday 25th July 2011 2:30pm It was the day of the Tall Ships- Everyone was getting ready to celebrate. The streets were gradually filling up with people of all of ages. The ships were just coming into dock, you could see them slowly coming through the break in the mist. Tonight was the big night…. Read more »

‘A Sailor’s Story’ by Lucy Rush, Age 12 Years

Finally! I’m home! Although I’m happy to be back, something doesn’t seem right. The air seems empty; like it’s longing for something that left years ago, that never came back. ‘Jude!’ I snap out of my thoughts as Nana comes up, her eyes sparkling. ‘I’ve missed you!’ she says, ‘And you’ll never guess what? The… Read more »

‘The Maiden Voyage’ by Zeno, Age 8 Years

THE MAIDEN VOYAGE AND THE GIANT SHARK Once upon a time there lived two men; these men were named Bob and Dave. They were ordinary people; they lived on an ordinary lane. On some afternoons Dave would read his book ‘Game of Thrones’ whilst Bob was sailing on their sailing boat ‘The Blue Voyage’. When… Read more »

‘The Lifeboat’ by Samuel Age 8 Years

One sunny morning in Falmouth harbour the lifeboat men set off to patrol the area because the tall ships were coming. An hour later a boat launched off and went to Land’s End. It was very rough with spray going everywhere. Suddenly the boat capsized with a splash! “Help!” shouted a crew member. Meanwhile on… Read more »

‘Lou Lou and the Missing Cat’ by Emily Age 8 Years

One day there was a girl named Lou Lou. She was 22, a very nice, sweet girl with blonde hair. She wore a pretty yellow dress with red buttons. Lou Lou worked night and day, all day, every day as an actor. Lou Lou’s travelling theatre company were in Falmouth for the Tall Ships. It… Read more »

‘The Tall Ships Destiny’ by Bella Carter, Age 9 Years

The Tall Ships Destiny One day in August 2014 when there was a calm sea and nothing but a light blue glistening ocean  in the distance. As the tall ships arrived there was a sense of celebration. Crystal clear sea flew by while the birds created a beautiful sound. Suddenly out of nowhere the image… Read more »

‘The Crystal Canon’ by Connor Burden, Age 9 Years

The Crystal Cannon Scientists carefully monitored the Sacred Temple of Anubis in Egypt. Scientists inside were translating hieroglyphics into modern language. One scientist pressed down on a hieroglyphic and a secret passageway opened up. And there before him was the most legendary treasure of all. He ran up to the cannon and studied it carefully…. Read more »

‘The Great Rescue!’ by Amelia, Age 8 Years

The Great Rescue! Once there was a girl called Scarlet. She couldn’t swim but she loved fish and chips, music, colours and she was eleven. One day Scarlet and her mum were at home getting ready because they had heard that the tall ships were in town. After a while they walked down to the… Read more »

‘The Fireworks’ by Emmie, Age 9 Years

The Fireworks One day when Daisy got back from walking her dog Scruff, she wanted to make a picnic for her to watch the fireworks that evening. Daisy had always been very good at making things, especially picnics, she could even remember doing it with her mother when she was little. By the end of… Read more »

‘Emily’ by Annabelle, Age 9 Years

Emily The water was rough and there were tonnes of fish swimming around the boat. I could hear the waves crashing against the shore, and my whiskers were tingling. Everyone on the deck was having a party when I was locked down because they thought I would be scared of the spiralling fireworks or the… Read more »



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