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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

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‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Rebecca Mitchell, Age 10 Years

One lovely Monday morning I got picked out of my friends, I heard Mr Bluesman (the firework manager) say “This special little striped firework will be a big, crazy hit at the ceremony, John.” “Great we need lots of different sorts of fireworks because many people are going to see the tall ships coming in,… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Isobel McIlduff, Age 11Years

In a dark, scary, dusty box I saw nothing,but there were more fireworks I’m sure. Suddenly the box started moving. I felt scared… I had no idea what was happening, the box was moving side to side like a rocking horse. Just then I did a sigh of relief as the ride finally started to… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Florence Bawden, Age 10 Years

Bumpty, bump I go in pitch black darkness inside a dusty old box that I got chucked into by an old man wearing a plain, white T-shirt with only spots of colour on a tiny pocket. I am a colourful, stripped firework who has no idea where it’s going, this particular firework is a bit… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Farrah-Jai Burrows, Age 10 Years

I was dumped in a dark, gloomy box, just me, alone. Finally I was shaken to life when the box was picked up. I rattled around, my fuses sparking (I didn’t actually spark, but I got really excited!). Suddenly, daylight struck me like lightning. A pinkish/peachish THING grabbed me. I was yanked out of my… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Leon Langmaid, Age 10 Years

Alone in the old, dusty, freezing box, I lie there, still as a rock. The journey’s been horrible, bumpy but finally we arrive. I feel the box get lifted and I hear the dust race off the box. It sounds fascinating. Suddenly the box plummets to the ground and the box walls collapse before my… Read more »

A Firework’s Flight by Alex Graver, Age 10 Years

I was in a shed lonely as could be (the shed was gloomy and dark).Suddenly the door started shaking. BANG! The first fire work went up. He came in. He grabbed me; I was being swung down the path. Soon I was on a metal stand. I was full with excitement. He lay down some… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Finley Holt, Age 10 Years

In the dark, cold, rusty, black box I feel as lonely as a leaf scattered in a dark spooky hole and I don’t know what is going on. Suddenly these old people take me out of the small, stinky, box. These huge giant hands squish me into the soft, muddy earth and suddenly I light… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Holly Jarmain, Age 11Years

I woke; I’m in a dusty, cold and battered box. I saw another nervous firework next to me shuddering together to keep warm like a pack of puppies keeping warm from the cold. Anxiously I heard loud, booming footsteps echo through the box I was in. A man with rope opened the box lid quickly… Read more »



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