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‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Keira Johns, Age 10 Years

I’m in the corner of a dark and dingy box with twelve other fireworks squashing me, it was terrifying, I could hardly breathe I wanted to get out but I knew I couldn’t do anything about it! Suddenly I felt someone shake the box, and then put me down again, I didn’t know what was… Read more »

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Ruby Prowse, Age 11Years

As I’m in my dusty, gloomy Firework crate, all I can hear is the eager crowd, waiting to hear and see the Firework display. Suddenly I hear a thumping noise of the manager’s footsteps, heading towards my Firework crate. Out of the blue, the manager lifts the lid from the crate and picks me up,… Read more »

‘The Greenwich Procession’ by Ollie Nichols, Age 11Years

This year I am going to one of the best festivals in Britain at this time. I went last year and it was magnificent. The puppets are illuminated with different coloured lights. They swerve and turn down the streets as if in a mind of their own. I walk along the street, following the carnival… Read more »

‘Alanna’ by Danni Woodnutt, Age 12 Years

Alanna, the daughter of the eccentric millionaire Ferrars, stepped onto the deck of the ship Jentje, and looked about her in wonder. She was in Falmouth, at the Tall Ships Regatta. The masts and rigging loomed above and around her, and the water rippled and shivered. Typically, it was raining. The drops spattered the sea,… Read more »

‘Jolly Jack The Sailor’ by Megan Taylor, Age 12 Years

Jack could see them now, the billowing sails of the Tall ships. So close he could almost reach out and touch them. They were almost within arm’s reach, and suddenly they were gone and Jack was falling into the inky blackness of the sea, into the depths of Neptune’s Kingdom. Jack woke from his deep… Read more »

‘Tall Ships and Small Ships’ by Anwen, Age 9 Years

Tall Ships and Small Ships One night, Joe and Manny (the dog) were fast asleep. Suddenly they woke up to the sound of loud bangs. Joe ran downstairs to see what the noise was, then came Manny scrambling his way behind him. Joe went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea while Manny… Read more »

‘The Day I Saw the Tall Ships’ by Bow, Age 9 Years

The Day I Saw the Tall Ships When I woke up, I charged downstairs. There waiting for me was my dog, Dug the Pug. For breakfast, I ate my croissant with jam on it. “Bye Mum!” I said. “Don’t forget your money and sun cream!” shouted mum. I jumped on my skateboard and went to… Read more »



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