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Posts Tagged: Tall ships

Tall Ships 2014, by Sean Raistrick, aged 9

TALL SHIPS 2014 I woke up on the 25th May, To see the tall ships arriving in the bay, Lifeboats at the front and divers taking a dip, But there, at the back, sailed the tall ships. Some near the front, some near the back, The scene was colourful, pigeons were the only things black…. Read more »

‘The Tall Ships’ by Aimee Burley, Age 8 Years

The Tall Ships Feel the breeze, smell the salty seaweed. Listen to the dogs wailing because the tall ships are sailing, Watch the golden beaked seagulls fly over the glistening blue sea. Mermaids tails the size of whales. The tall ships tantalizing, tickling like the deep dark sea. I dive into the salty blue sea… Read more »

‘Poppy and the flower’ by Summer Mcleman, Age 8 Years

Poppy and the flower Lois the bright red flower redder than all the other flowers. Lois wanted too be something more, something more spectacular! Then he felt a slight breeze on his petal … No, its Poppy running through the grass at top speed. Lois could smell the farmer’s girl’s hot dog. He could feel… Read more »

‘The Gold beaked Seagulls’ by Corey Beard, Age 8 Years

Gold beaked seagulls The tall ships tantalizing tickling, The deep dark sea! The gold beaked seagulls, elegantly flying, over the light blue sea. Mermaids tails the size of a whale, Families rushing out, To get a brain-buzzing eye-popping view. The gold beaked seagulls, elegantly flying, Over the light blue sea. I dive into the salty… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Jamie Lorenzo, Age 8 Years

Tall Ships The ships are sailing as fast as the wind over the salty blue sea. I dive in the glimmering salty sea like a dolphin searching for his tea! The seagulls are singing with hunger in the sandy salty sea. I dive in the glimmering salty sea like a dolphin searching for his tea!… Read more »

‘Life is a beach’ Jack Dow, Age 8 Years

Life is a beach Once there was a boy, he worked on a pirate ship, he hated living on a pirate ship, his name was Joe. short for Joseph. One day he refused to work. “You shall work slave or I will throw you over board,” the captain threatened. “No,” Joe answered bravely and then… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Galore’ by Wilamena, Age 7 Years

Tall ships galore in the port of Falmouth, people climbing up and up the salty rigging, hanging from the sails. And cheering people standing at the quay, waving flags as the soft breeze blows in their faces. Purple boats that are the Tall ships, sprays the boat with salty water. Just as the clock strikes… Read more »



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