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Posts Tagged: Tall ships

‘Tall Ships’ by Keane, Age 9 Years

Tall Ships Tall ships are big and wide Everybody wants to get on one but they can’t They really want to go everywhere Around the world I love Tall ships By Keane Age 9

‘Dog Tall Ship Adventure’ by Jay, Age 9 Years

Dog Adventure Once upon a time on a Tall Ship there were two dogs. One was black and called Woof the other one was brown and he was called Barker! Woof and Barker were best friends. They traveled to Africa for an adventure on The Tall Ships. It was a big excitement for them! By… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Galore’ by Jasmin L, Age 9 Years

Tall Ships Galore!! The huge tall ships are sailing out to sea, The huge tall ships are taller than Mr Lea, The huge tall ships have huge sails The huge tall ships are bigger than giant whales, The huge tall ships have people standing on the masts, The huge tall ships have people wearing masks,… Read more »

‘A Beautiful Night’ by Hannah, Age 11 Years

A Beautiful Night The crackling fireworks giving off a bright light, The calm glistening sea beaming in the night, Gigantic tall ships getting ready to set sail, People dancing and cheering while drinking ale, Flags calmly waving side to side, A peaceful, millpond this high tide, It’s such a beautiful sight, What an amazing night!… Read more »

‘A Journey’ By Lilly, Age 14 years

Fireworks flashing Flags flapping Sailors chatting Horns honking Bells ringing Birds singing Dogs barking Children laughing Everyone’s happy, The Tall ships have come The clock struck twelve over Falmouth town The trees were swaying all around There were no more boats or people around The tall ships were gone So there was nothing to do… Read more »

‘Hurrar they’re here’ by May, Age 8years

Wahay the Tall ships are here Everybody shout hurray. Come outside and watch them glide across the turquoise sea Get up sleepy heads it’s time to get out of bed. Come on lets have some fun. Dance and sing all day long. I have never seen people so happy before Come on Tall ships Lets… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Lily M, Age 11

A soft blue blanket hung limblessly over the star strewn sky. The moon staring down on Falmouth, winking occasionally to the scattered people way down below. The brightly blue sky and sea reflect the smiling moon’s face. Boats litter the tranquil sea as the lingering people wait upon the boats. The squawking seagulls scan the… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Isobel, Age 11

The sky was full of colours as the fireworks danced in the night sky. The crowds cheered while the Tall Ships glided through the swooshing waves. I stare at the glowing street lights. ‘Bam!’ an erupting volcano of colour, bursting out fairy dust before another almighty bang! I see children dancing with sparklers, next to… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Iris, age 11

Bang! Another firework exploded. Yay! Children having fun. Seagulls flying through the gentle moonlit sky. While the tall ships crowd in and say hello. The smell of happiness lures me in to join the family. The moon is a light shining down on us, Keeping us safe and secure As we cheer and play inside… Read more »

‘Smiling’ by Daisy S, aged 11

The fireworks erupt into colours – blue, yellow, pink, Flashing before my eyes, Settling on the calm blue sea, That twinkles in the moonlight. Everyone cheers as the tall ships sail into sight; Busy sailors waving happily from the sails. The sparkles and fizzes fill the air, The fireworks painting the midnight blue sky by… Read more »



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