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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Tall ships

Tall Ships by Beau J aged 11

Slowly but steadily as the sun starts to shine, One or two ships are close in sight. Dunkin Donuts into chocolate, No-one misses a bite. As the tall masts creep closer to the harbour, Everyone starts to cheer. While the women watch the fireworks, the men enjoy a cold beer. Falmouth is full of ships… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Exciiiitement’ by Daniel, age 10

All you can see is thousands of people, Piling in to see the amazing tall ships and fireworks. Waiting in suspense for the first tall ship to come. Bang, bang, bang goes the first firework, Shooting into the air. Bursting into bright colourful sparks. Extravagant erupting end, to the magnificent eye-watering show.

‘Tall Ships in the Bay’ by Dylan R, age 11

Terrific tall ships are in the bay And some are still on their way Loud people as they come in Lovely peaceful blue sea Seagulls in the sky High, very high In the sky ready to eat Pasty’s and fish and chips Seagulls are taking MY fish and chips

‘Tall Ships in the Bay’ by Jessica G, age 10

Terrific Tall Ships in the bay Silky sails in the breeze Amazing people in the street Lots of treats Lovely games Sunny weather Hear the crowd cheering Incredible ice cream Pasties, fish and chips

‘Tall Ship Rally’ by Olivia, age 8

TALL SHIP RALLY Down by the sea where the moon light be, Fishermen sail across the big blue sea, The fireworks explode in the dark night sky, Which sometimes make the babies cry, Everybody starts dancing to get the big party started. The white horses gallop and neigh, To the songs that wonderful day, Lifeboats… Read more »

Tall Ships Poem by Senen aged 11

The complete silence broke at the sound of the fireworks Roaring like football fans shouting. As the night went on the fireworks started to calm down And finally stop And the tall ships come in. One last ghostly cheer and all the people went to bed.

Tall Ships Acrostic by Gracie Aged 6

Time to set sail All tall ships sail to Cornwall Lots of jobs to do Long walks to the other side of the ship Sails up, sails down, set sail Hard work to do In the ship they have no fun Party in the evening Shining ships sailing from Cornwall



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