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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Tall ships

My Poem by William aged 7

Pitch black, spotty collared dog Tall ships massive, large, thin and skinny People waving arms, cheering, singing sea shanties Fireworks beaming, sparkling, whizzing, Bang!

My Poem by Hope Aged 7

Red collared dog howling Tall ships small ships sailing Sneaky cat hunting for bunting Beautiful fireworks banging and crashing Sea shining bright Nagging seagulls pecking at chips Rainbow coloured houses glowing Sapphire sky sparkling

My Poem by Zac Aged 7

Tall Ships as tall as a skyscraper Thick trees Loads of people Flags big and blowy Fireworks in the dark sky

‘My Poem’ by Mads Aged 7

Big houses, small houses, Giant palm trees, Tall ships, small ships, Seagulls squawking, Girls, boys waving their hands, Colourful, banging fireworks.

My Poem of the Tall Ships by Harriette aged 9

Lots of people on the sand. But most people are on the land. Everyones face is full with a smile, especially a young boy named Kyle. When the tall ships come in. Everyone goes to a cafe to have some dinner. After that some fireworks were set off at that moment it was clear that… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Stacie -Leigh Aged 9

It all started in Australia where I was made, days in days out I would get rattled around. Until one day it all stopped nothing was to be heard or even seen, the days became long and tiring. Days became weeks. Six weeks later I found myself packed up in boxes I felt like a… Read more »

Tall Ships and Small Ships Poem by Jacob Aged 9

Tall Ships and Small Ships they bob up and down Tall Ships and Small Ships their in the town Tall Ships and Small Ships they have wonderful paintwork Tall Ships and Small Ships beneath the paint, woodwork Tall Ships and Small Ships colourful fireworks Tall Ships and Small Ships are not the only boats Yay!

‘My Poem’ by Alex K Aged 10

It’s a colourful street in Falmouth. People are celebrating, tall ships are coming to town. The cornish flag that will represent our new hometown. White and black is our colour, of our beauty. A hive of activity rushing through Falmouth hitting houses People like shocks of power. Laughter and joy filled the air This is… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by Abigail C Aged 10

Lifeboats whizz past my face As a breeze of fresh air Its like a busy road on water Waiting to reveal the tall ships Gently they touch my face as they Sail by like swans. The small ships gracefully float as their bunting Flaps when the fireworks light up the ocean. Its like a dream,… Read more »



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