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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Tall ships

‘Sitting on the Rooftops’ by Leah Aged 10

Sitting on the roof all day, hanging out with my buddy. We are all watching the ships go by, everybody celebrates. Tall Ships, small ships everybody loves them. Families coming to join in with the celebrations, Everybody loves to party, Shoes on. Sitting on the roof still hanging out with my buddy We love watching… Read more »

‘My Home’ by Amy W Aged !0

People cheering, flags flapping This is the place to be. The sea’s breeze hits my face making me smile. Dogs barking and seagulls squawking Constantly around the town, Families coming together Making me excited Blue, yellow and green colours shoot up into the air, People started cheering throughout the night. Tall Ships, Small Ships, we… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by My Molly Aged 11

The velvet curtain of midnight- Blue sky, embedded with glittering diamonds Shining in the faint orange glow of the street lights, Is slowly drawn across the brightly-coloured sunset. Eruptions of colour splatter my amazing view with ear-bursting fireworks. They shoot into the air, Exploding into little volcanoes brimming with sparkling jewels, Before spilling with multi-coloured… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by Holly Aged 11

Outbursts of colour Invade the velvet curtain of the sky, Happiness, happiness, happiness, The Tall Ships are here! Laughter fills the air, BANG, GASP, LAUGHTER, BANG Goes the fireworks, GASP goes the crowd, LAUGHTER spreads across Falmouth. Long masts coming closer, closer, closer, The Tall Ships are here! I stare at the glowing moon In… Read more »

‘My Story’ by Faith Aged 11

Dancing sparks of fire bursting into beautiful colours splatter over the purple night sky, transforming it into a huge canvas of colour. I can feel the glimmering fireworks reflecting off my eyes. The great, shining sky and moon above have turned into a dangling stopwatch, hypnotising everyone looking up to the above. I nibble a… Read more »

‘The Deserter’ By Dominic Nichols Age 9

The Deserter I’d landed on a golden, sandy and tropical beach with shells dotted around. I walked further inland and tall towers rose up above me, Union Jacks and lots of other Britishness around me, being a Spaniard I really didn’t feel welcome. As I got even further inland stalls were appearing around me and… Read more »

“How it was?” shawn clarke age 14

I’m relieing on the ship, That will float into the harbour, Bearing a letter from Pip, She moves so fast she’s a blur, In 1850 we didn’t have technology, We needed the mighty tall ships, We had to tackle the mighty seas, Just to deliver news from Pips. And when they dock on the piers,… Read more »

‘Those Amazing Tall Ships’ by Jasmine Hearnden Aged 14

As the carnival arrived, We all ran and dived, Into a town so happy, You could never be snappy, The colours were so bold, And the air never cold, And then came the ships, Oh those graceful Tall Ships. As I looked to the sky, I saw the fireworks fly, The sky illuminating, And suddenly… Read more »

‘The Tall Ships!’ by Jacob Todd, Age 14 Years

The Tall Ships! I was expecting a lovely walk in town, When suddenly I heard a booming sound, I looked up high and what did I see? Some fireworks shining beautifully, People were pushing, shoving, surging, Trying to get a glimpse, of THE TALL SHIPS! There was one particular ship I saw, With red sails… Read more »

‘My Poem’ by

Tonight is when the tall ships come and light up the streets of Falmouth All people come from near and far Loud music plays all night Loud fireworks fly through the sky Ships come sailing in to Falmouth Harbour is where their journey ends In the dark of the night Pretty fireworks fly through the… Read more »



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