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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Tall ships

‘The Tall Ships’ by Lucy Mitten, Age 10 Years

The Tall Ships The sea was gleaming at me, As I swam past the reflections of fireworks, Everyone was blissfully happy. I found it peaceful swimming among the long lost boats. The wonderful smell of fish and chips! I saw a majestic boat towering above me. I jumped as a bit of seaweed got caught… Read more »

‘The Tall Ships’ by Evelyn Robertson, Age 11Years

The Tall Ships Dashing along the clear water, The white horses galloping, Not parting from the boat for a split second. Spraying silver waves splashing endlessly. The distant horizon beckoning them forward, The vibrant colours glowing brightly, When will this magical and wonderful journey end? Evelyn Robertson

‘The Tall Ships’ by Sascha Vosper-Blompied, Age 11Years

The Tall Ships The ships are flying through the harbour, Happy crowds cheering with laughter, Children playing and dancing around, Lifeboats, speed boats, none left out Seagulls flying collecting their tea Everyone is there, everyone but me. By Sascha Vosper-Blampied

‘Tall Ships’ by Charlotte Drew, Age 10 Years

Tall Ships People, dancing, jumping, skipping, Whales, seals, people racing, Flags, boats, gunshots going, Support boats sailing in slowly, Lights, whistles, whoops and laughing, Last of all the big bang goes and fireworks fly! By Charlotte Drew

Tall Ships by Roisin O’Halloran, Age 11Years

Tall ships The tall ships are back again for the regatta Amazing views for land or seas Let the parades begin Learn to love the sea Sails that help you win Hip hip hooray for Falmouth Bay It has been an excellent week People enter competitions to do with the race Sun shine and perfect… Read more »

‘Tall Ships Disaster’ by Ashleigh, Age 14 Years

Saturday 25th July 2011 2:30pm It was the day of the Tall Ships- Everyone was getting ready to celebrate. The streets were gradually filling up with people of all of ages. The ships were just coming into dock, you could see them slowly coming through the break in the mist. Tonight was the big night…. Read more »

‘A Sailor’s Story’ by Lucy Rush, Age 12 Years

Finally! I’m home! Although I’m happy to be back, something doesn’t seem right. The air seems empty; like it’s longing for something that left years ago, that never came back. ‘Jude!’ I snap out of my thoughts as Nana comes up, her eyes sparkling. ‘I’ve missed you!’ she says, ‘And you’ll never guess what? The… Read more »

‘Tall Ship’ by Izzy, Age 8 Years

The sails flap flap All the sailors singing tall ship songs Laughing and cheering Loving the fireworks and seeing the flags Sailors chatting and talking High sails blowing about in the wind I really love it and it is very loud Pretty fireworks exploding Surprise boat horns going off

‘The Maiden Voyage’ by Zeno, Age 8 Years

THE MAIDEN VOYAGE AND THE GIANT SHARK Once upon a time there lived two men; these men were named Bob and Dave. They were ordinary people; they lived on an ordinary lane. On some afternoons Dave would read his book ‘Game of Thrones’ whilst Bob was sailing on their sailing boat ‘The Blue Voyage’. When… Read more »

‘The Lifeboat’ by Samuel Age 8 Years

One sunny morning in Falmouth harbour the lifeboat men set off to patrol the area because the tall ships were coming. An hour later a boat launched off and went to Land’s End. It was very rough with spray going everywhere. Suddenly the boat capsized with a splash! “Help!” shouted a crew member. Meanwhile on… Read more »



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