Age 6 to 8

‘On a Tall Ship’ by Sam H, Aged 8

I am on a tall ship.
A swift, calm tall ship.

The ruffling waves smash on the side of the boat.
The sparkling water hits your face.
As the swaying sail waves.

I am on a tall ship
A swift and calm tall ship.

Age 5 and under

Tall Ships Senses by Lavender Aged 5

I can see a pesky seagull.
I can hear crashing waves.
I can smell stinky fish.
I can feel the sand.
I can taste delicious fish and chips.

Age 6 to 8

Tall Ships Acrostic by Charlotte Aged 6

Time to set sail.
A long anchor down and down.
Long white seagull flapping in the air.
Long journey to sail.

Sail to shore.
High sails.
I see waves washing up and down.
Party time on the deck.
Ships are nice to look at.

Age 13 to 16

The Tall Ships by Neve Bishop age 14

The waves were calming as they sailed closer. If anyone said they weren’t looking forward to leaving their cramped wooden quarters, they were lying. The feeling of excitement was brewing aboard the ship as the seagulls circled above them.
And there it was, slowly making its way on to the horizon. Although they couldn’t hear it on the ship, people in the harbour were celebrating. Fireworks decorated the night sky. Any news, good or bad, was welcome. The people of Falmouth had gone so long without a peep from the North, finding out the happenings of the country was the best thing since Christmas.
The sailors looked to the sky in awe as the navy blue night exploded into colour. Reds, blues, greens, oranges and yellows fizzled into nothingness over and over again. This was not a simple welcome, it was a party. A party for anyone and everyone to enjoy.
The ships decelerated as the harbour drew closer, the sounds of happiness getting louder and louder. The Tall Ships were bobbing in the open water like excited children waiting for their presents on Christmas morning. The sailors chatted happily, glad to set foot on dry land again.
But they wouldn’t be able to stay for long, for the job of a Tall Ship is never done.

Age 6 to 8

‘Tall Ships’ by Cordelia Age 8 Years

Boat horns beep beep
Waves crash crash
People chatter chatter
Water rustle rustle
Fireworks crackle crackle

Age 9 to 12

‘The Sea’ by Jacob Wynn, Age 10 Years

The sea
I smash when I’m angry,

I jog when I’m happy and

walk when I’m feeling sad,

my waves are, like bombs when I’m being controlled by the wind,

and like a Great White Shark lurking around the waters of the sea.

Age 9 to 12

‘Tall Ships’ by Emma Greenshields, Age 12 Years

Tall ships are gliding over the choppy waves
All ships are brightly coloured and smothered in flags
Lots of people are shouting and cheering
Lots of birds fly in circles above the commotion below
Skies flash with fireworks
Houses lie empty while everyone celebrates
In the sea the seaweed floats, bobbing in time with the waves
People stand on the masts waving and cheering
Some people are swimming in the sea despite the cold.

Age 9 to 12

‘The Salvation’ by Will Haskin, Age 12 Years

The day the tall ships came,
I knew the ships’ names,
The white sails,
The milk pails,
The black shadow,
The blue hoe,
The coronation,
And finally: the salvation.

Its white sails flailing,
The wind wailing,
The waves crashing,
It sounds like a whip lashing.

My hopes are up,
My face erupts,
My salvation is near,
Falmouth is here.

Age 9 to 12

‘Waving Goodbye’ by Ishka Weightman-Saville, Aged 12

White topped waves
Like galloping horses
Leading the ships away
As they fade into the distance
The wind resists
But I just wave


Age 9 to 12

‘Moonlit Dreams’ by Polly Palmer, Aged 12

The water wanders over my feet as I look out to sea. A wave crashes against the cliff face leaving surf sprayed across my cottage garden on top of the hill. Me and the ocean. The moon gleaming down on us like a spotlight. But I have to leave my friend to climb up the steep and slippery cliff to my millionaire mansion.

“Where on earth have you been?”

“I’m fine Dad. I’ve just been down the beach.”

“I don’t care whether you’re fine or not! Me and your mother are going out tonight. This place better be spotless by the time we get back!”

As the door slams behind me, I look down to the floor. I’ve left a trail of sandy foot prints. A single tear rolls down my face. I wipe it away and run out the door. Down the cliff. Across the wet sand. My little rowing boat rocks in shallow waters. I wade into the waves and roll into my boat. The tears start to flow.

I’ve been rowing for at least half an hour now and my arms are numb and stiff. I feel like I could just lie down and die, give into the world. I look up at the stars. The stars are then covered by waves…

I wake up breathless. Coughing up salt tasting saliva. People come running in and crowded round me.

“Give her some room, give her some room!”

“Where am I?”

“Hello, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m Pip. Captain of this ship you’re on.”

“I am on a boat?”

“Yes. Why don’t you start with telling me your name.”

“My name is Clara. How did I get on this ship? The last thing I remember is me and my little boat being swallowed by the waves.”

“Don’t worry. You’ve had a hit to the head. Get some rest and you’ll be fine.”

I jump out of bed and run on to the deck. The sea breeze chills me to the bone. It feels real. The cold air is real. But here…am I real? Looking up, I notice the tall, strong masts with their sails flying high. I wish I had a ship like this. I’m now back in bed. They have left me pencils and paper. As I sit on the bed, I draw…

Finished. Done. Probably the best drawing I’ve ever done. My own little cove with my little rowing boat and my horrible, big mansion. Oh how I would hate to go back there. But in the middle, under the spotlight of the moon, Pip’s grand, spectacular ship. Pip, I wonder where she is?

“Pip? Where are you?” She comes running in.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, I just don’t know where I am. I’m lost.”

“Don’t worry. You can go back home if you want.”

“NO! I’ll never go back there!”

“But if you go home it will be fine.”


“Honest. Your mum and dad will be very kind and life will be perfect.”

“Then how do I get back?”…

I thrust my drawing into my pocket and head out on to deck with Pip.

“Now, go to the edge. And jump.”

“Jump? No way!”

“Do you want to go home or not?”

I look to the floor and nod my head. I’m scared. Getting up on to the side, I catch Pip’s eye.

“Jump.” She whispers. I smile at her and J

Ahhh. I wake up on the sand, soaked to the bone. That was an incredible dream. But then I feel something in my pocket. I pull it out. It’s the picture I drew…