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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Wells Cathedral School

‘The Salvation’ by Will Haskin, Age 12 Years

The day the tall ships came, I knew the ships’ names, The white sails, The milk pails, The black shadow, The blue hoe, The coronation, And finally: the salvation. Its white sails flailing, The wind wailing, The waves crashing, It sounds like a whip lashing. My hopes are up, My face erupts, My salvation is… Read more »

‘Long Way Home’ by Molly Johnson, Aged 12

We’d just left the mouth of the Thames and that’s when I saw the big, black, stormy clouds coming towards. I tried to turn back but it was too late, me and my dog Bilbo were swept away by a huge greeny-blue wave. We were tossed and turned from side to side the water beginning… Read more »

‘Uncharted Waters’ by Eliza Talman, Aged 12

Have you ever met a pirate? Do you want to? Well I know two, not including their daughter Diana Rose Smith, who live in Cornwall. They have a house on land that is a boat and one in the water that is a boat house. Their boat was the biggest boat in the bay, it… Read more »

‘Moonlit Dreams’ by Polly Palmer, Aged 12

The water wanders over my feet as I look out to sea. A wave crashes against the cliff face leaving surf sprayed across my cottage garden on top of the hill. Me and the ocean. The moon gleaming down on us like a spotlight. But I have to leave my friend to climb up the… Read more »

‘The May Rose’ by Freddie Lindsey Coombes, Aged 12

‘Are you ready?’ The Captain shouted as he gripped The May Rose’s wheel as it sailed into the harbour. ‘You must be ‘Rhys’’. It was eleven in the morning on a Sunday in August and I was about to set sail on my first trip aboard a tour ship.The gleaming ship had just arrived in… Read more »

‘Sunset Ships’ by Archie Waterfield, Aged 11

Soon the ships will be here. Under the stars they’ll float on by. Nearly here they’re on the horizon. Sunset “ahh” the ships are here. Early this year. Tall ships this time. Seven in a group. Hurray!!! They all cheer. I watch with glee. Parrots on all the shoulders of the men. Sunsets over the… Read more »



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