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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Tall Ships Resources


If you are researching your work for the project then this page is a great place to start looking. We have put together a series of web links to help you.

Links to Images

John Dyer’s latest painting Tall Ships and Small Ships 2014

John Dyer’s latest painting Tall Ships and Small Ships Greenwich 2014

John Dyer’s Digital iPad Drawings of Tall Ships

Images of the Tall Ships that are coming to Falmouth

More images of Tall Ships in Falmouth

Links to the Tall Ships coming to Royal Greenwich in London

John Dyer’s Tall Ship Paintings from 2008

Images of Falmouth

Sail Training International Photo Galleries

Background Information
Find out about the writers involved in the project

History of the Cutty Sark

Tall Ship – Wikipedia Information

National Maritime Museum Falmouth – Resources

The Empire Garden – National Maritime Museum Falmouth

Links to Videos
John Dyer Painting “Tall Ships and Small Ships 2014”




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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short