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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘The Maiden Voyage’ by Zeno, Age 8 Years


Once upon a time there lived two men; these men were named Bob and Dave. They were ordinary people; they lived on an ordinary lane. On some afternoons Dave would read his book ‘Game of Thrones’ whilst Bob was sailing on their sailing boat ‘The Blue Voyage’. When Bob got back in the evenings they had barbecues and on Sundays they had the most magnificent Sunday roasts.

One day changed their LIVES! On the day they were asked to go on a voyage on a TALL SHIP! They screamed “Yes! I want to!” simultaneously and jumped on board. Later that day they were sailing, finally. Suddenly they hit something! They didn’t know what though. The captain was rushing about the tall ship named ‘The Maiden Voyage’.

“Are you sure about this Dave?” Bob shuddered. Dave replied “Yes, the boat is sailing fine. Oh and by the way, I’m going onto the deck to see the sea.”
Just then one of the crew came to tell them that the boat had indeed hit something but they still did not know what. The crewman sounded scared.
An hour later the crewman came back with some more information. He said, “We launched two scuba divers. Here’s the radio that they talk through…”
“Oh no! Aargh!” the scuba diver said, through the radio. The crew watched the action on the scuba diver’s camera.
“That looks painful!” cried Bob.
“That does look painful!” added Dave.
“Oh NO! What am I going to tell the captain?” yelled the crewman, “that was his brother that just got gobbled up by that shark!” He started to cry.

The captain rushed in and said, “We are sinking!”
Bob and Dave’s mouths fell open. Soon the boat was vertical and started going down! Bob, Dave, the crewman, the captain and all the others survived. The captain was weeping: his boat nothing but a pile of scrap.

They had a nice journey home and the captain and the crewman lived with Bob and Dave, and from now on if they are asked on a Tall Ship they say NO!



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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