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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘Under the Stars’ by Grace Harrison, Age 8 Years

Under the Stars

The wind bellows within the sails,
Along with the chorus of the whales ,
The white horses gallop and neigh,
These are the words that the white ones say,
“Swim, oh fish, the Fishermen come,
You may be caught and dried under the sun,”
Seagulls soar across the sky,
They think how lucky am I?
To be able to fly,

People shout and cry and scream,
Under the magnificent moon beam,
Swirling twirling fireworks in the great star alleys,
They are so bright they can even
Be seen from the deepest of valleys,
The beat of the feet on the street stops,
The colours die down,
And people start to frown,
They go to bed,
To rest their heads,
And they sleep, sleep, sleep.

By Grace



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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