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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘A Firework’s Flight’ by Willow Martin, Age 10 Years

Sleeping in a tiny, old, dusty, box I was lonely and afraid, the box was as dark as the night sky. Feeling scared I stared up at the thick brown masking tape … I felt I was in a frozen world. I kept asking myself “where was I?” A sharp warm hand reached into the dark gloomy box. I could hear birds tweeting. I could smell fresh air as broad daylight crept into the box.
The hand pulled me out, as rough as a wrestler, onto a little stand in the green wavy grass. Waiting in a trance I saw the bright yellow golden sun like a runny egg yolk as hot as a bubbling saucepan. The sun ran away over the beautiful meadows. After five minutes I smelt burning as five other fireworks with nervous faces got placed next to me, how would you feel?
Night fell suddenly as I worked my way up into the colourful bright sky with big bangs pop and whizzes. I wondered what colour I would be. Up in the sky I could see joyful, happy seals swimming in the calm blue crystal sea. The white baggy traditional flags took all the pride in themselves. I was shooting up and up like a rocket! People dancing with bright red colourful dresses like enthusiastic parrots. I could hear laughter and clapping. Suddenly POP! I was a brilliant bright blue like the vibrant sea itself. But then I died out with no more sparkle, my fifteen minutes of fame was over.



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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