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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: Marlborough School

‘Tall Ships’ by Emma Age 8 years

Tall ships’ flags flap flap, All the people chatting chat chat, Lovely blue sea splash splash, Lots of people laughing ha ha ha, Shining fireworks shine shine, Horns of the ship honk honk, I see the waves crash crash, People sweeping the decks sweep sweep.

‘Tall Ships’ by Faye Age 8 Years

Tom the cat loves to play, All the time and every day. Lively fireworks light up the sky, he Loves the smell of a creamy fish pie. Ships are sailing on the sea, and High winds make the sails break free. I really want to be a Pilot on a tall ship.

‘Tall Ships’ by Mia, Age 8 Years

The busy people going by, All the fireworks very high, Laughing children in the street, Lots of people you can meet. Ships of all different sizes High and small so tall, I look into the sea, Pictures swirl around, So beautifully on the watery ground.



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