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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

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‘Poppy and the flower’ by Summer Mcleman, Age 8 Years

Poppy and the flower Lois the bright red flower redder than all the other flowers. Lois wanted too be something more, something more spectacular! Then he felt a slight breeze on his petal … No, its Poppy running through the grass at top speed. Lois could smell the farmer’s girl’s hot dog. He could feel… Read more »

‘Life is a beach’ Jack Dow, Age 8 Years

Life is a beach Once there was a boy, he worked on a pirate ship, he hated living on a pirate ship, his name was Joe. short for Joseph. One day he refused to work. “You shall work slave or I will throw you over board,” the captain threatened. “No,” Joe answered bravely and then… Read more »

‘The Life Boat’ by Abigail Allen, Age 8 Years

The Lifeboat First they set off to sail away. The kind girl was in danger… The mean boy pushed her into the salty light blue sea. The Lifeboat came to rescue her and to bring her back to the shore. They really enjoyed being rescued as it was fun and they played in the boats…. Read more »

‘Fireworks’ By Calvin, Age 9 Years

I stood gazing absent-mindedly into the deep, blue sea, watching the silvery-yellow fish swim by like trains down the railtrack. Out in the bay the tall ships sailed by at a snail’s pace. The busy, bustling street behind me curved round, forming a massive semi-circle of red- and cream-coloured houses. There were people selling, people… Read more »

‘Accordion’ by Noah, Age 10 Years

He sat there waiting for the door bell to ring. “Ding dong, ding dong,” the door bell went. “Finally!” Jim shouted. He had sat their for hours, days even. Running to the door he opened it. “My accordion!” Jim shouted before realising a fisherman was standing in front of him. “Here you go,” the fisherman… Read more »

‘Jim’ by Theo, Age 11Years

Jim sighted a cat alone, abandoned by its master – no-one looking for it, no-one tending it. Jim, pasty in hand, walked cautiously towards the frightened creature, broke off a meaty chunk, held it out and waited. The cat crept forward, its pads pressing on the ground lightly, sparingly knocked the meat from his hand… Read more »



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