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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

‘The Big Pearl’ by Lynty, Age 9 Years

The Big Pearl

There was once a girl named Daisy and a boy called Jack. Daisy was wearing a beautiful pink dress that sparkled in the sun. She was also wearing dazzling pretty shoes that tapped on the stony path. Jack was wearing black cool shorts with an awesome green top. They both were the best of friends. Then one day without any warning Jack said to Daisy,
“Jump in!”
“Why?” Daisy replied.
“Because I can see something down there.”
So they dived down to see what it was. “WOW!” said Daisy trying to talk in the water. It was a massive clam shell that had wonderful patterns on it. Inside there was the nicest pearl they had ever seen! They both came up to get some air, and then they dived down again to get the pearl. They finally jumped out of the sea and Jack hid it under his shirt so that no one saw it. Then one sailor from the Tall Ships asked Jack and Daisy if they had seen the pearl. ‘’No.’’ said Daisy.
‘’Well if you see it, can you tell me? It’s for my mum, she’s really ill? Well thank you,” said the sailor. Daisy couldn’t help feeling sorry for the sailor so she said. “Wait we do have the pearl.” Daisy felt really guilty. “You do?” he said happily.
“Yes.” Daisy and Jack both said together. So he walked off happily. “Well at least we did something nice today” said Jack.

By Lynty



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Artist Information: John Dyer I Joanne Short


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