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John Dyer Exhibition I Official Limited Edition Print I Art & Storytelling Competition

Posts Tagged: sailor

‘The Big Pearl’ by Lynty, Age 9 Years

The Big Pearl There was once a girl named Daisy and a boy called Jack. Daisy was wearing a beautiful pink dress that sparkled in the sun. She was also wearing dazzling pretty shoes that tapped on the stony path. Jack was wearing black cool shorts with an awesome green top. They both were the… Read more »

‘The bird and the boat’ by Laura Age 9 Years

The bird and the boat There was once a bird (seagull) that lived with a sailor on a tall ship. Her name was Shelly and she hated the taste of the sea salt. Whenever she tasted it her feet tingled. One day the sailor called,” We should go for a sail”. Shelly hated the sound… Read more »

‘Jolly Jack The Sailor’ by Megan Taylor, Age 12 Years

Jack could see them now, the billowing sails of the Tall ships. So close he could almost reach out and touch them. They were almost within arm’s reach, and suddenly they were gone and Jack was falling into the inky blackness of the sea, into the depths of Neptune’s Kingdom. Jack woke from his deep… Read more »

‘Tall Ships’ by Kieran, Age 9 Years

One day a boy called Jeff was waiting for his father to come home. He was a sailor on a tall ship and had been away for three months and his ship was arriving in the harbour the following day. Jeff was extremely excited because the town was preparing to celebrate the ships coming home…. Read more »

‘Sailor’ by Dylan Cole, Age 10 Years

As I stand at the tip of my boat I look out at the carnival with people laughing and running around me, I capture this moment in my mind as this only happens once for me. My heart is beating fast, I will land in the harbour as my boat is very fast. I am… Read more »



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